Just make it more interactive. Definitely SEO and SEM. It's almost done! I need more time. I'll get you my timesheet later. It's like Pinterest meets Wikipedia. It's going to be the next "I Can Has Cheezburger?"

I want a third monitor. I saw it on reddit. Can't we just push the meeting to next week? This needs more kittens! How can we monetize social?


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Lorem Ipsum Generator for Digital Agencies

Need Lorem Ipsum text but Bacon Ipsum or Hipster Ipsum aren’t quite right for your next project? Use the Agency Ipsum Generator to meet all your filler-text needs!

Choose from Account Executive, Creative Director, Digital Strategist, Project Manager, Web Developer—or the ever-popular Client mode.

Got a favorite agency phrase—or new agency job title—you want us to add? Let us know.

Agency Ipsum is a public service by Karl Sakas at Sakas & Company. We’re not an agency—we’re business consultants and coaches to digital marketing agencies worldwide.

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