Overwhelmed Agency Owner Needed to Recruit a Team

Employee Recruiting

The Problem

The owner of an agency in a niche industry was overwhelmed with too much to do and not enough people to help. Her clients loved her work, but she was trapped in the business—she could never get away.

When she reached out to me, she knew that things could be better, but wasn’t sure where to start.

What I Did

During my client intake process, I quickly identified that her preference was to run a lifestyle agency, meaning quality of life was her top priority. She was not planning to sell her agency in the foreseeable future. Instead, her goal was to effectively build her dream job, work with a great team and great clients, do great work, make a nice salary and profits, and then enjoy life outside of work with her family.

She had started her agency almost a decade before. It wasn’t until recently that she shifted out of freelancer mode to thinking of herself as an agency owner. She re-branded her agency two years earlier, since her clients were used to seeing her as the primary contact and the person who gets all the work done. Yet she hadn’t changed her internal processes—as the agency president, she was still the bottleneck for everything, which meant she couldn’t stop working without losing money.

As her business coach, I evaluated her situation; assessed her Values, Goals, and Resources (VGR); and outlined a coaching plan to get results. In particular, I focused on two areas—recruiting to build her teams (so that she gained additional people to help), plus advice on creating better client relationships with her overly-demanding clients (most of whom expected more attention than they were paying for). She was so busy working in the business, she couldn’t work on the business.

Results for the Agency

Within 3 months, the agency owner built up her team so that she wasn’t stuck doing everything. Within 6 months, she had grown her team to include a group of specialists, which helped her them do better work and charge more money. Although she’s still working hard, she now has time to spend with her family, and to pursue international travel opportunities that she just didn’t have time for before.

Now that she’s not worried about bringing in new business and has the people to help fulfill the work, she’s now focusing on opportunities to do public speaking and interviews. The agency owner is building thought leadership to grow her agency’s reputation, so that she can make her agency an agency of choice in attracting great clients.


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February 21, 2017