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About Sakas & Company

Hi, agency advisor Karl Sakas here! I became an agency consultant after working as the #2 at two digital agencies and learning first hand that there were ways to grow smoothly… and ways not to grow. Today, I’m proud to say I’ve helped over 600 agencies “calm the chaos” and build sustainable, profitable businesses.

Sakas & Company is typically a match for fast-growing agencies who are looking for custom help conquering their growing pains; training on proven, agency-specific strategies; or an opportunity to connect with other agency leaders.

We strive to operate with a balance of warmth and competence, delivering a compassionate, strategic, and savvy boutique-level experience to all our clients. Whether you’re looking for support, an informed sounding board, honest feedback, or to level up your own skills, we’re here to help.

Sound like a potential match for your agency? Read on, and then get in touch.

Most agency owners have 3 things in common:

  1. They’re creative.
  2. They love digital marketing.
  3. And eventually they run into an agency problem they’re not sure how to solve.

The difference between those owners who overcome their problems and those who don’t?

Successful agency owners don’t try and reinvent the wheel—and aren’t afraid to ask for help. Whether you’re considering selling your agency or deciding what position to hire next, talking to someone who has seen it before and who can share what other agencies have done can help you make the right decision for your business.

I know that running an agency is tough—but I also know it doesn’t have to be so hard. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Our Core Values

We know for most agency owners their agency is one of their most valuable assets… and we respect that. Understanding a company’s values gives you important insight into how they make decisions. Our core values impact every decision we make and every recommendation we give. Here at Sakas & Company we have 12 core values:

    Be Proactive: We seek to anticipate each client’s needs, so they don’t need to ask about the status of something.

    Our Word is Our Bond: If we promise something, we deliver. And if we can’t, we manage expectations before the deadline.

    We’re Selective but Not Arrogant: We only work with clients who are a good fit, but we’re always friendly and kind.

    Mutual Respect Required: We are like a doctor—a trusted advisor. We respect our clients… and we expect respect in return.

    Honest Yet Diplomatic: We don’t berate clients, but we do call-out concerns… even if they’re hard truths.

    Choose to Act as a Fiduciary: We act in our clients’ best interests, as if we were a lawyer or CPA, and provide total confidentiality.

    Custom Advice: We customize our advice based on clients’ Values, Goals, and Resources (VGRs) and adjust as we learn more about each client.

    Paying it Forward: Giving back is important, including giving free advice to people who can’t afford paid help.

    Appreciation: We say thank you—to clients, to fellow team members, and to service providers.

    Walk the Talk: We operate in a financially sustainable manner, with good team management, consistent self-marketing, and a “fast-fail” approach to sales—like we’d advise our clients to do.

    Co-opetition: Our competitors are also committed to making agencies better; if a competitor is a better match for a prospect, we’ll “fast-fail” the prospect and recommend the competitor.

    Warmth & Competence: Our goal is to balance Competence (being good at what we do) with Warmth (showing people we care). This is true for clients, prospects, and team members.

    The Sakas & Company Team

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    Neal - COO of Textivia

    “What I like about Karl is that he paints a realistic picture. Karl doesn’t hold back, and his advice is clear and very specific. He’s helped me make several difficult decisions. They weren’t always easy, but things always turned out as Karl predicted.”

    — Mike Belasco, President & CEO, Inflow

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