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If running an agency were easy, you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

Sakas & Company helps agency owners Work Less and Earn More, while rewarding their best employees.

Whether you want a lower-stress lifestyle agency, a multi-million dollar exit, or something in between—we’ve helped hundreds of agencies worldwide.

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About Sakas & Company

Hi, agency coach Karl Sakas here! I love helping agency owners create stable, profitable businesses. Clients call me their “agency therapist” as I help them “calm the chaos” of agency life. I’ve helped over 600 agencies run more smoothly—and I’d love to help you, too.

My typical coaching client wants to either A) build a profitable lifestyle agency, or B) grow to a multi-million dollar exit. They usually have 20-100 employees and are experiencing growing pains as they scale. We work together once, for a month, a year, or more.

What kind of results might you see? Here are some examples.

We strive to operate with a balance of warmth and competence, delivering a compassionate, strategic, and savvy boutique-level experience to all our clients. Whether you’re looking for support, an informed sounding board, honest feedback, or to level up your own skills, we’re here to help.

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Our Core Values

We respect that your agency is your #1 or #2 financial asset. You and your family depend on the business, today and for the future. Understanding a company’s values gives you important insight into how they make decisions. Here are the six core values at Sakas & Company:

    Warmth & Competence: We balance being good at what we do (Competence) with showing that we care (Warmth).

    We’re Selective but Not Arrogant: We only work with clients who are a good fit, but we’re always friendly and kind.

    Choose to Act as a Fiduciary: We act in our clients’ best interests, as if we were a lawyer or CPA, and provide full confidentiality.

    Honest Yet Diplomatic: We don’t berate clients, but we do call-out concerns… even if they’re hard truths.

    Paying it Forward: Giving back is important, including giving free advice to people who can’t afford paid help.

    Appreciation: We say thank you—to clients, to fellow team members, and to service providers.

    The Sakas & Company Team

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    Neal - COO of Textivia

    “What I like about Karl is that he paints a realistic picture. Karl doesn’t hold back, and his advice is clear and very specific. He’s helped me make several difficult decisions. They weren’t always easy, but things always turned out as Karl predicted.”

    — Mike Belasco, Former President & CEO, Inflow

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