Executive Coaching for Agency Leaders

Feeling stuck? Wish you had an expert, confidential sounding board? Has your romantic partner told you to STOP complaining about your agency? Help is here!

Agency expert Karl Sakas speaking

Hi, agency coach Karl Sakas here!

You and your agency are on the cusp of something big… get there faster (and more profitably, and less stressed-out) with my executive coaching for agency owners!

Wish you weren’t so involved in the day-to-day of running your agency? You’ve read about “working ON” instead of “working IN” the business… but it’s unclear how to make that happen in your business? Tired of knowing you need to change, and ready to actually start doing it?

Good news! My coaching has the support you need—and it’s customized to the specific challenges you face running an independent agency. The COVID-19 pandemic is unique, but you benefit from my experience advising owners at agencies on every inhabited continent.

BONUS: I can’t promise Executive Coaching will help your personal relationships… but when you’re less stressed about work, your romantic partner won’t need to hear you talk about the agency all. the. time.



Why work with agency executive coach Karl Sakas?



Do more that matters.



Get custom advice.


See the bigger picture.

Coaching gives you accountability + advice + perspective.

I’ll hold you accountable—but I’ll also provide customized advice and feedback on what you’re doing. Sometimes this means reminding you to stop avoiding the important things you keep avoiding—and helping you make that happen. All along the way, I’ll share perspective on what top-performing agencies are doing.

At Sakas & Company, I understand that just because a solution is simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. My coaching calls are geared toward helping digital marketing agency owners stay accountable and make real progress on their business goals.

One-on-one coaching is US$4,500/month, customized to your goals. The first month is $7,500, which includes onboarding—my proprietary intake questionnaire, your custom coaching plan, DiSC assessment, and an extra call.

After his first call, a new Executive Coaching client said…

“It’s nice to have someone tell me what to do. I’m an achiever, and I like to get things done, and perform at a high level. [It helps to know] these are the things Karl said to get done, because that’s the way it’s supposed to be… versus deferring my own tasks for others.”

Our coaching can help you finally achieve the big things you know your agency is capable of.

“If you need an agency-specific consultant or coach, Karl is expensive but 100% worth it.

Given his fees, I was initially a bit nervous about the value I’d receive, but within moments of starting the coaching program, my concerns disappeared. Karl’s intake process and bonus resources immediately demonstrated the value I’d be receiving, and that value continued throughout our work together.

Since I don’t have a business partner, I loved having ongoing and on-demand access to insights from Karl and his team. They gave me a window into other agencies’ best practices, helping me grow beyond my own experience. Karl’s agency advice was always specific, actionable and goal-oriented.

I made more progress in the first three months than the prior two years, by aligning my day-to-day actions with my long-term goals. I highly recommend Sakas & Company to agency owners seeking support on growth, focus, revenue, or client challenges.”


Founder & CEO, Radiant Marketing

Know you want to start?

Complete this survey and we can schedule your free, 45-minute exploratory call to answer your questions about how coaching works.

How Can Executive Coaching Help You?

Coaching helps digital agency owners like you find more free time, make more money, and enjoy your agency again. We focus on executive leadership and business coaching, rather than life coaching.

That often means answering questions like…

  • Which person should I hire next?
  • How do I get higher-paying clients?
  • Should I fire Bob?
  • How can I close more sales proposals?
  • I need a new PM system—how do I find something that meets my needs?
  • How can I get my team to prioritize better?
  • My employees interrupt me all day long with questions. How can I fix that?
  • How can I make it so I’m not the day-to-day contact for all of my clients?

Got a question not listed? No problem! Coaching calls are based around what each client needs; I can address a wide range of common agency problems. And if you need a specialist—taxes, estate planning, contracts, etc.—I’ll refer you to a trusted colleague.

Email me and let me know what you’d like to fix and start building a better agency today.

After a recent session, a client emailed…

“This afternoon after we completed the [work we discussed], I was really energized and it felt good to be moving forward with focus and structure. It’s great to have clear goals. You’ve got the gift. Thank you.”

Outside perspective, insider’s understanding

As someone who started in the industry in 1997 and who’s specialized in agencies since 2010, I understand the ins and outs of the industry.

Because I only work with marketing, creative, and development agencies, I speak your language—you don’t have to explain the difference between SEO and PPC, web design vs. web development, or Twitter vs. Instagram.

I offer one-on-one coaching, exclusively for leaders of digital agencies. Coaching is done on a month-to-month basis. I recommend new clients plan on 6-18 months to start, but you can cancel any time; this isn’t a lifetime commitment.

Coaching calls are like an appointment with yourself, to focus on what’s really important—in fact, a client recently shared that his coaching calls are “one of the best mornings of the week” for him.

Whether you have short-term goals you want to see your agency accomplish or big dreams you want to tackle over the long haul, business coaching from Sakas & Company can your help agency fulfill its potential.

Get free access to 60+ agency templates

As a client, you get full access to my Agency Profitability Toolkit™. This includes templates and other resources, designed to help you save 50 to 200 hours of work. Normally US$997 by itself, the 60+ templates include:

  1. Client Ranking Matrix (decide which clients to keep… and which to fire)
  2. Time Buckets (see where to spend more vs. less time)
  3. Calculate Your Exit Price (see what you might get if/when you sell your agency, based on projected financials)
  4. Sales Qualification Worksheet (help you spend time on the right prospects)
  5. Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) Template (to streamline when an employee’s not performing)

You also get free access to several paid products, including recorded webinars and free Kindle copies of my books. And I keep adding new resources over time.

Want to check it out? Here’s a redacted copy of the Profitability Toolkit (with links disabled).

“I have worked with Karl for eight months now as my marketing agency coach. This coaching relationship has been an exceptionally high return investment for my small and rapidly expanding agency.

His follow-through, keen insights and extensive real agency business case examples has made working with him a consistently productive and rewarding experience. We are on track for record revenue and bottom line growth, which would not have been possible without my key decision to hire Karl [starting in 2015].

If you are a marketing agency owner looking for highly-targeted, expert help to get to a more efficient and more profitable agency—hire Karl. You won’t regret it.


President & Agency Owner, Liquid Spark

Executive Coaching: US$4,500/month

Email Support, plus a Monthly Advice & Accountability Call, plus Accountability Support

One-on-one coaching is all about you, on your schedule. It’s a chance to discuss the areas of your agency where there is the largest potential for growth and create monthly goals to achieve that potential.

During the proprietary intake process, I will identify and recommend a coaching curriculum around your needs (flexible each time, but with an eye toward ensuring that I help you meet your long-term goals). You’ll also take a short DiSC behavioral assessment (included in the cost of coaching) and complete a questionnaire that will help you think about your goals.

In the first call, I will review the results of your personality assessment (including advice on how to get better results while working with other types) and discuss your goals. You’ll also set goals for next month.

During each call, I will share advice and answer questions, and guide you on setting goals for the coming month (so that you balance short-term and long-term progress). It’s a structured process (I create a custom agenda before each month’s call) but also flexible—if something’s come up, I can focus on solving the new problem. Some clients skip the accountability help (if they’re consistently hitting goals on their own) and focus instead on just advice.

You’ll get answers (so you’re not “reinventing the wheel”) and you’ll stay on track with Sakas & Company’s accountability framework that I’ve customized to meet the needs to agency owners.

You get an outside perspective, from someone who is intimately familiar with what’s working and what’s not working elsewhere in the digital marketing world. I am out there observing trends and speaking with agency owners every day—and one-on-one Executive Coaching allows you to benefit from that.

Email support between calls means you get answers when you need them, so you can move forward—and it’s all included at no additional charge. (On average, clients reach out 1X a week.)

You also get free access to my weekly check-in emails—which help you stay on track between our monthly accountability calls—and my Profitability Toolkit of templates and other resources.

The first month is US$7,500, which includes onboarding—my proprietary intake questionnaire, your custom coaching plan, DiSC assessments for you and any business partners, and an extra call. Future months are $4,500/month.

 What’s included in Executive Coaching for Agency Leaders?

  • Monthly call, to accelerate your long-term progress
  • Between-call email support, to help you fix immediate problems
  • Emergency phone support at no additional charge, when you’re in over your head
  • Custom coaching plan, plus custom agenda / notes doc for each call, to keep you on track
  • Lifetime access to my Agency Profitability Toolkit™ of 60+ templates, to save you 50-200 hours of work
  • Accountability pings, to help you juggle weekly challenges
  • Other boutique client benefits, like HARO PR leads, to grow your agency

Get Started!

Ready to start? The next step is to confirm you’re a match. We’ll schedule a free exploratory call—to dig into your goals and to answer your questions about the coaching process. Before that call, please complete my pre-coaching application.

Want to do the survey first and then set up a call? Here you go:


Want my help figuring out how to get the best results at your agency? Email me to schedule your coaching Q&A call today.

“Thanks to Karl’s coaching, our average monthly retainer is up 34% and my stress level has gone from off-the-charts to manageable. I started coaching with Karl 18 months ago. My relationship with him has been transformative for me and my agency.

Karl helped me reposition my agency, make some key hires and decrease my personal workload significantly. It took some time, but Karl led me through a series of necessary changes that allowed me to scale back my hours to a reasonable 9-5 schedule—no more evening and weekend work!

Also, Karl coached me through the process of pruning my client list while simultaneously growing my agency—now I can truthfully say that all of my client relationships are friction-free. As a result, we’ve seen a dramatic improvement in client retention.“


President, Fire&Spark

Still trying to decide between different agency coaches?

As you compare consultants and coaches, I would ask each person about how they handle seven key things:
  1. Specialization: Are they a generalist business coach, or an agency specialist? (There’s value in both approaches; I’ve chosen to focus 100% on agencies since launching my consulting practice in 2013.)
  2. Client Load: How many clients do they work with at once? (To ensure you get a boutique client experience, I limit my active one-on-one client count to 10-15 agencies.) Others handle dozens of clients at once.
  3. Focus: Are they committed full-time to agency coaching, or is this a part-time gig? If they currently run an agency, do they have a Conflict of Interest policy on handling sales opportunities that are a fit for you… but also a fit for their own agency? (I don’t run any competing businesses, and I approach our relationship as a fiduciary—where I put your interests before my own.)
  4. Customization: Do they customize their advice to your Values, Goals, and Resources—or do they point you to a generic “playbook” to follow? I’ve developed dozens of frameworks and templates to help you save time (and have hundreds of how-to articles to help you get started)—but my advice is ultimately custom to your unique situation, rather than “Read page 23.”
  5. Transparency: Are they public about their process and any non-custom fees, or do you have to ask or “apply” to get off-the-shelf prices? I publish my various frameworks and my one-on-one Executive Coaching prices. I also don’t charge for the exploratory call.
  6. Approach: Is their approach primarily consulting (expert advice), coaching (guiding you to find your own answers), training (sharing step-by-step advice for a somewhat broader audience), or a combination? I offer a mix of all three—customized to each client’s needs.
  7. Confidentiality: Do they keep your agency’s specifics private? I have a strict confidentiality policy; I don’t even share names of client agencies unless they’re publicly acknowledged our working together. This level of discretion seems to be… surprisingly rare.

Ready to talk?

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Don’t like forms? Email, or call me at +1-919-410-6224. Thanks!

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