Confidentiality Promise

Your business is your business.

Anything you tell me as a client—or as a prospective client—is confidential. Period.

Going beyond an NDA

My client agreement includes a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect your information. When it makes sense, I’m glad to sign an NDA before we officially agree to work together.

Even if we speak before signing an NDA, you can be confident that I won’t share what you tell me about your business. My reputation depends on my being discreet about client matters. I’d quickly go out of business if I started telling people their competitors’ dirty laundry.

I want you to be 100% comfortable talking about your agency

Marketing services is a small industry, no matter the market. People know each other. It’s important to me that people trust me as an objective advisor.

This means I won’t disclose the identity of Sakas & Company clients beyond those who’ve given permission to share their names. And I won’t disclose anything identifiable about their business beyond what they’ve given explicit permission to use in case studies.

This also includes limiting what I share with members of your team. I work for you. I sometimes need to speak with members of your team, but I won’t share anything with them beyond what’s necessary to collect actionable information.

What I share on a limited basis, with your permission

In my client and business development activities, I don’t disclose identifiable information about clients. I sometimes share anonymized examples of results to illustrate how I help clients (e.g., “I helped an agency owner find more high-end clients” or “I helped an agency CEO reduce the number of daily interruptions from their team by 40%”).

In accordance with my Privacy Policy, I occasionally need to share limited information with trusted service providers in the normal course of business. For example, my CPA will see your company’s name as a client in QuickBooks Online. Beyond that—barring a subpoena—nothing’s shared without your permission.

If you see a case study or other “named client” example on my website, it’s because the client reviewed the case study and gave me permission to publish it, published it previously as an online testimonial, or gave me permission to list them as a client.

I’m happy to answer your questions about client and prospective client confidentiality

Do you have any questions I haven’t answered here, or you’d like me to clarify something here? I’m glad to answer your questions—please get in touch. There’s no obligation. I look forward to helping you soon!