Future-proofing your business model, capacity planning, and AM billables: Agency Q&A with Karl Sakas

Office Hours Recording from March 12, 2024

Get advice to future-proof your agency, improve your capacity planning, optimize your AM roles, and more—in the March 2024 episode of Agency Office Hours with Karl Sakas.

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Click the links below, to “jump” directly to the Q&A video segment:

  1. Capacity Planning: “How can we project-out for sales and hiring?” [4:28] (with guest Lauri Eurén from Operating)
  2. Resource Management: “How should we consider team skillsets during project scheduling?” [15:09]
  3. Incentives: “How can we encourage employees to participate in capacity planning?” [19:06]
  4. Economic Growth: “If the economy grows in 2024, how might that impact our agency?” [23:30]
  5. Business Strategy: “How can we build our agency for tomorrow?” [25:24]
  6. Innovation: “How can agencies make time for exploring and testing new trends?” [29:08]
  7. Pricing: “How can we provide a ‘strategic’ discount when we test new techniques?” [30:04]
  8. Positioning: “How can HubSpot agencies attract clients who face a cookie-less world?” [33:31]
  9. AI & Legal: “How might agencies approach AI policies in their MSA?” [34:46]
  10. Services: “How can agencies think more strategically about their services?” [38:31]
  11. Account Management: “What account manager work is billable?” [42:14]
  12. Sales Process: “When should AMs get involved in new business development?” [48:42]
  13. Multiple Roles: “How should agencies manage ‘deputized’ AMs and PMs?” [54:13]

Top resources from the March 2024 event:

  1. Consider how your offerings fit into the Agency Services Framework.
  2. Test new things by framing them as “strategically free” (or discounted), on a limited-time basis.
  3. How to reposition as a strategy-first agency.
  4. Keep up with news in your clients’ industries.
  5. Help employees adopt an “ownership’ mindset.

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