Client Boundaries, Retainers, Niching, and PM Software: Office Hours with agency expert Karl Sakas

Office Hours Recording from June 9, 2020

In the June 2020 episode of Agency Office Hours, we discuss:

  1. What to do when a sales prospect goes silent (3:40)
  2. CMO insights (12:55)
  3. Remote work predictions for agencies (20:03)
  4. How to approach negotiating shorter retainers (29:53)
  5. PM Software: Choosing PM software tools (47:39)
  6. Client Boundaries: Setting boundaries with difficult clients (56:52)
  7. Niching: How to choose a specialization as you niche-down on your agency’s services (1:10:48)
  8. Choosing between offering custom vs. productized services (1:28:34)

Here’s the “Reason-Options-Choose” client negotiation tool we discussed

Want the recording from the Client Onboarding training? It’s available here.

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