Upselling, partnerships, and training: Agency Office Hours Q&A with Karl Sakas

Office Hours Recording from June 13, 2021

Get agency advice on upselling, recurring revenue, business development, project management, and more in the July 2021 episode of Agency Office Hours with Karl Sakas. Click to jump to a specific Q&A segment:

  1. UPSELLING: Who’s in charge of upselling: sales or account management? [starting at 2:05]
  2. TRAINING: How can you ‘grow’ employees to up-level to become strategists? [starting at 4:41]
  3. BIZDEV: What are the 3 key parts of business development at agencies? [starting at 16:58]
  4. PARTNERSHIPS: How do smart agencies think about partnerships? [starting at 19:35]
  5. RECURRING REVENUE: How can we persuade clients to sign a retainer? [starting at 21:35]
  6. RETENTION: How can you predict if a prospect wants a long-term relationship? [starting at 24:46]
  7. STARTUPS: Should agencies work with startup clients? [starting at 29:25]
  8. CASE STUDIES: Which clients should you feature in case studies? [starting at 32:49]
  9. PROJECT MANAGEMENT: When should you hire a full- or part-time PM? [starting at 36:10]
  10. BUDGETING: How much budget should you reserve for Account Management and Project Management? [starting at 39:01]
  11. STAFFING: Can one person succeed doing both AM and PM? [starting at 40:58]
  12. SCOPE CREEP: What should your team say if a client wants something that’s out of scope? [starting at 43:06]
  13. ROLES: What’s the upside to one person doing AM + PM? [starting at 44:31]
  14. RECRUITING: Where can we find great job candidates today? [starting at 47:21]
  15. SCREENING: How can we predict a prospect would be a good client? [starting at 50:13]
  16. PROFILING: What can current clients tell us about our ideal future clients? [starting at 52:59]

Top resources from the live event:

  1. Here’s how to approach Upselling.
  2. Think about the right “level” for the role, versus where they are today.
  3. Remember, a good strategy is one that can be implemented!
  4. Retainers have pros and cons.
  5. Think about the level you need. For instance, here’s Karl’s approach around PM.

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