Legacy clients, raising prices, scope creep, agency structure, and more: Agency Q&A with Karl Sakas

Office Hours Recording from March 14, 2023

Get agency advice on handling legacy clients, raising prices, dealing with scope creep, creating the right agency structure, and more—in the March 2023 episode of Agency Office Hours with Karl Sakas.

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  1. OVERDELIVERY: “How do we avoid over-servicing our legacy clients?” [starting at 4:55]
  2. CLIENT POLITICS: “How should we handle requests from the client’s corporate HQ, if they’re not our day-to-day contact?” [starting at 7:48]
  3. VALUE ANCHORING: “How can we measure the value of what we provide to clients?” [starting at 11:18]
  4. RAISING PRICES: “How can we strategically raise prices for our current clients?” [starting at 12:34]
  5. LEGACY CLIENTS: “How can we diversify revenue, without suddenly firing all our legacy clients?” [starting at 20:53]
  6. SCOPE CREEP: Save the date (July 12, 19, and 26, 2023), and sign up to get notified about my new 3-week “How to Stop Scope Creep” workshop. [starting at 27:55]
  7. AGENCY STRUCTURE: “How should we structure the agency for client retention as we grow?” [starting at 31:54]
  8. CREATIVE BRIEFS: “How should we gather info when a client makes a new request?” [starting at 39:20]
  9. LEADERSHIP: “Why should agency leaders choose ‘constructive confrontation’ over of ‘let it fester’?” [starting at 45:15]

Top resources from the live event:

  1. Client Rankings Matrix: Free tool to decide which clients to grow… or fire.
  2. Raise Prices at Your Agency with This Step-by-Step Approach.
  3. Lifestyle vs. Equity business: What’s your agency Growth Style?
  4. Agency client retention: How much annual client turnover is OK?
  5. Ask for employee feedback to improve your agency.

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