Remote hiring, pricing models, self-sufficiency, speaking for lead-gen: Agency Q&A with Karl Sakas

Office Hours Recording from November 8, 2022

Get agency advice on remote hiring, pricing models, team self-sufficiency, speaking for lead-gen, and more—in the November 2022 episode of Agency Office Hours with Karl Sakas. See upcoming future events, submit questions, and RSVP free of charge.

  1. SCALING: “How can we help our delivery team become more self-sufficient, so that executives aren’t pulled into lower-level client implementation?” [starting at 2:14]
  2. BUDGETING: “Where can we find extra budget to hire more team members?” [starting at 5:49]
  3. DELEGATION: “How can managers be more strategic about how they support their employees” [starting at 8:22]
  4. LEAD-GEN: “How can agencies use public speaking to attract sales leads?” [starting at 16:17]
  5. SPEAKING: “When we’re speaking for lead-gen, what are some options for ‘in-kind’ compensation?” [starting at 20:53]
  6. REMOTE HIRING: “How do we find remote hires who become part of our team culture?” [starting at 31:04] (via episode sponsor, JobRack)
  7. CULTURE: “How can agencies embrace remote workers into their culture?” [starting at 34:22]
  8. PRICING: “What’s the right pricing model for your agency, if you can choose hourly vs. milestone vs. value-based?” [starting at 42:07]

Top Resources from the event:

  1. Consider what’s different about each “level.” For example, a Project Coordinator vs. Project Manager vs. Director of PM.
  2. Tips from Karl on improving how you pitch events as a speaker:
  3. Learn more about JobRack, post a job, or book a call (with Noel Andrews in London) if you have questions.
  4. Three pricing models for agencies: Hourly, Milestone, and Value-Based
  5. Boost profit margins by doing a Work Breakout (WBO).

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