Fixing your agency: Permanent solutions vs. duct tape & WD-40

by | Jun 5, 2013 | Agency Roadmap

For cars and for marketing agencies, temporary fixes don't work forever

Found this at the supermarket. Looks like the owner was going for the quick fix.

For cars and for marketing agencies, temporary fixes don’t work forever. If you want a temporary fix, there’s always some quick way to tape things together. That’s true for both car repairs and running the business side of a creative agency.

When you need to make the issue go away permanently—like the business problems you keep struggling with while running your marketing agency—it’s time to get help so you can get on with your life.

Because, be honest—your car and your business can’t survive on duct tape alone.

Question: What quick-and-dirty fixes do you see happening at marketing and other creative agencies?

Image credits: I took this in the Cameron Village Harris Teeter supermarket parking lot.


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