Employee commissions, difficult clients, delegating account management: Agency Q&A with Karl Sakas

Office Hours Recording from September 13, 2022

Get agency advice on handling difficult clients, commissions for client-facing employees, proactive team accountability, shifting AM away from owners, and more—in the September 2022 episode of Agency Office Hours with Karl Sakas. Click to jump directly to each Q&A segment in the video, and RSVP for our next event!

1. Client-Facing Roles: “How should we clarify our sales vs. AM vs. PM roles?” [starting at 3:23]
2. BizDev Incentives: “How should we compensate AMs and PMs that help with business development’?” [starting at 4:14]
3. Difficult Clients: “How should we handle a client relationship that’s strained but workable?” [starting at 17:34]
4. Change Management: “How should we approach personnel changes in our client relationships?” [starting at 19:50]
5. Client Competence: “What should we do when our new client contact seems to be incompetent?” [starting at 25:21]
6. Creating Space: “As an agency owner, how can I create time for myself?” [starting at 28:20] (via the 2023 “Work Less, Earn More” agency growth bootcamp)
7. Delegation: “How can agency owners delegate AM responsibilities to new team members? [starting at 35:53]
8. AM Onboarding: “How can we help a junior AM ramp-up at the agency?” [starting at 36:52]
9. Client Strategy: “How can we help an employee up-level as a client strategist? [starting at 40:58]
10. Team Accountability: “How can we get our employees to be more proactive?” [starting at 48:27]

Top resources from the live event:

1. Should you have the same person doing PM, AM, and client strategy?
2. Ready to boost client retention? Make each client the Hero!
3. Learn more about the 2023 “Work Less, Earn More” agency growth bootcamp
4. Retain new employees with my Employee Onboarding checklist for agencies
5. Why your agency needs an ARCI Matrix

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