Work Less + Earn More

Agency Growth Bootcamp with Karl Sakas

This 100% virtual workshop for agency owners will help you find ways to cut your workload and make more money. Applications are now closed. Sign up to be notified when applications open.

Work less earn more

Pay yourself more and reduce your stress…

(Without leaving your agency)

Work Less + Earn More is our annual bootcamp for growth-minded agency owners who have been feeling stuck, spending too much time putting out fires at their agencies, and not fully unplugging during time away.

Most agency owners fail to delegate effectively, leading them to work nights and weekends… while knowing if they did similar work for someone else, they’d be better paid and less stressed.

In the bootcamp, we’ll help you determine what you really want from your agency, break down what you’re doing now, and create a list of next steps to create your ideal agency. It’s 100% virtual, with weekly live sessions with Karl and an exclusive cohort of fellow agency leaders.

Karl has worked 1:1 with hundreds of agency owners around the world. This bootcamp gives you the benefit of his years of agency industry experience, at an affordable price point.

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Work Less + Earn More: Agency Growth Bootcamp


This structured, action-oriented workshop is designed to help agency owners cut their hours and grow their income. You’ll be part of an exclusive cohort of highly-motivated fellow agency owners. You’ll work through numerous modules, culminating in a custom plan to grow your agency.

Why is this crucial for your journey as an agency owner?

You’ll be a part of an exclusive cohort of motivated agency leaders, cheering each other on, as you create more sustainable work-life balance while making a great income. If you’ve struggled to do this on your own, the bootcamp will give you the structure (and shortcuts) you need to make progress.

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A Note from Karl Sakas, your instructor:


Hello, and thanks for considering this investment in your agency, and in yourself!

You should know — the proven strategies I’m teaching in this bootcamp are based on what I teach my private consulting clients… but at a fraction of the price.

Each strategy comes from my experience helping agency owners achieve their goals. In this bootcamp, you can skip the painful learning curve.

I’ve designed this program to help you get a strong ROI. I hope you’ll join, do the work, and surprise yourself with how much you can accomplish—and how much momentum you can create.

If you’re interested in a future bootcamp, be sure to let me know!

Class Photo from "Work Less, Earn More" bootcamp in 2022

Here’s what past bootcamp attendees had to say:


“Aside from [our new PM’s] salary, the bootcamp was probably the best investment we’ve made this year.”

“It was just the jolt of enthusiasm and tactics I needed to tackle the year ahead…”

“The full breadth of content, from Karl’s presentations to the exercises, articles and Q&A—it’s all excellent.”

If accepted to the bootcamp, you’ll get access to:

The fundamental frameworks Karl uses to help agency owners unclutter their calendars so they can be more strategic.

Targeted weekly assignments to streamline the process of designing your ideal work-life balance.

Specific action items that help you start seeing real improvement from Week 1.

Live Q&A sessions with Karl — each week we’ll meet in real-time to discuss the concepts presented and answer your questions. (Can’t make a live session? Each one will be recorded, giving you on-demand access in the course portal.)

 Access to a private community, Agency Lounge—to connect, interact, and network with other agency leaders.

After the bootcamp, you might say…


“I finally took a two-week vacation and my team handled everything while I was gone!”


“I gave myself a raise… and then another. Now I have enough cash on hand to invest in other businesses.”


“I went from fighting fires every day at my agency to getting home in time for dinner.”


“I delegate more effectively and I’m getting more done. I haven’t brought work home on a weekend in months!”


“I booked another long weekend with my partner next month… they’re loving how much more time I have to spend with them.”


“Mondays are no longer the worst day of the week… and I love my agency again.”


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates for the 2023 bootcamp?

The live, virtual program runs from mid-January to the end of March 2023 (with weekly 2-hour meetings for six weeks in January and February, and then three  followup accountability sessions in March). Applications are closed. Sign up here to be notified when applications open for 2024.

How much does the 2023 bootcamp cost?

There are three tiers of pricing, based on how soon you complete the application. Depending on your billing address, Teachable may charge sales tax on top of the base price.


  • (Closed) Pre-Sale Applications: Applications open Tuesday, October 11th. Pre-Sale deadline is Tuesday, October 25th.  If accepted via Pre-Sale, you’ll pay $1,500 USD plus tax. This is a $1,000 pre-sale discount.
  • (Closed) Early Bird Applications: Applications open Wednesday, October 26th. Early Bird deadline is Wednesday, December 7th.  If accepted via the Early Bird phase, you’ll pay $1,800 USD plus tax. This is a $700 discount.
  • (Closed) Regular Applications: Applications open Thursday, December 8th. Regular Application deadline is Friday, December 16th. But we may sell-out prior to the Regular deadline. If accepted via the Regular phase, you’ll pay $2,500 USD plus tax.

How much time should I expect to spend each week on the Bootcamp?

Plan on 3-5 hours a week in January and February. This includes the pre-reading, the homework, and the 2-hour class session itself. We’ll break things into chunks, to help you keep up.

The total time commitment is approximately 25-40 hours across Q1 2023.

    What deliverables will I create during the bootcamp?

    During the bootcamp, you’ll get guidance on creating a prioritized custom plan to grow your agency in 2023—while finding ways to work less and earn more. You’ll also learn new strategies and tactics to help you navigate “Work Less, Earn More” at your agency, including after you complete the plan.

      Is this a Mastermind group?

      The Bootcamp has mastermind-like elements, but it’s not a formal Mastermind group. You’ll be in an exclusive and supportive cohort of agency leaders, and you’ll meet regularly to make progress. But you’ll hold yourself accountable, and you can choose how much (or how little) you share with others about your business. That is, it’s [significantly] less soul-baring than most masterminds.

        Am I a good fit for the program?

        You’re a good fit for the 2023 “Work Less, Earn More” bootcamp if:


        • You own an agency with 5-100 team members. (Without 5+ team members, there aren’t enough people for delegation.)
        • You’re willing to invest 3-5 hours a week to improve your agency.
        • You’re able to join the weekly live classes (details coming soon).
        • You like learning from fellow agency owners—and sharing what you’ve learned with the group.
        • You embrace that you’re responsible for your own results, and that you get what you put into it.

          Why is there an application process?

          Not everyone’s a good match for the bootcamp. For instance, you need 5+ team members, a desire to reduce your hours, and realistic expectations about your hours and compensation targets. We also want people who’ll contribute to help their fellow participants.

          The application process helps us ensure that we create a cohort of motivated agency owners.

              Does it cost money to apply?

              It’s free to apply, and there’s no obligation! Most people will complete the application in less than 15 minutes. Applications are now closed. Sign up here to be notified when applications open for 2024. 

                  When will I know if I'm accepted?

                  Our goal is to share a “yes/no” decision within 2 weeks (or less) of each application deadline. That is:

                  • Pre-Sale: Apply by October 25th, get decision by November 8th.
                  • Early Bird: Apply by December 7th, get decision by December 21st.
                  • Regular: Apply by December 16th, get decision by December 30th.

                  If you’re accepted, you’ll get a payment link; the payment locks-in your spot.

                      Can I bring my business partner(s) or executive team to the Bootcamp?

                      Yes, potentially. You’ll each need to apply separately, and buy individual tickets.

                          Can my business partner join me using my ticket?

                          Your ticket is an individual ticket. You’ll each need to apply separately, and buy individual tickets. If you’re accepted and can’t join, you’re welcome to substitute your partner; contact us to coordinate.

                              What kind of results can I expect?

                              The results are up to you—but it’s ultimately about finding your unique combination of ways to Work Less and Earn More. In addition to your custom plan (by the end of the bootcamp), you’ll also build skills and learn new frameworks to help you continue the momentum later in 2023.

                                  Do I have to be an agency owner to do the Bootcamp?

                                  Not an agency owner? We’ll consider key executive team members (e.g., President, Managing Director, COO, VP) on a case-by-case basis. In your application, please explain why the owner(s) aren’t participating. In our experience, their non-involvement isn’t a good sign about your being able to make the changes you want to make.

                                      Does this include one-on-one consulting or coaching time with Karl?

                                      The bootcamp is a group format. You have access to Karl for group-based Q&A during the weekly calls, but you don’t get 1:1 consulting time with Karl.

                                      Since we build extended Q&A into each week’s call, you won’t need 1:1 help to complete the bootcamp. But if you’d like private consulting or coaching (whether ongoing or a single call), contact Karl to explore your options.

                                          How does this compare to the Agency Leadership Intensive?

                                          The two programs are complementary to each other. They’re designed to help agency owners and executives make things easier:

                                          • “Work Less, Earn More” Bootcamp: Helping you increase your income and reduce your hours.
                                          • Agency Leadership Intensive: Helping you up-level your agency by up-leveling your leadership.

                                          Most people will benefit from taking both, but they’re designed to work individually. And you can take them in either order—the Bootcamp and then the Intensive, or the Intensive and then the Bootcamp.

                                          There are similarities in format (100% virtual, live sessions, accountability, creating a plan, accountability support, Agency Lounge private community). But only ~10% of the content overlaps between the two.

                                              Do you guarantee results?

                                              No one can guarantee results. This is about what you put into it. That said, if you put in 3-5 hours a week and do the work, you’ll make at least some progress.

                                                  Is this course designed for accessibility?

                                                  Each video has closed captions (in English), plus a downloadable transcript and downloadable slides. You can also watch videos slower (or faster) than 1X speed. Here’s more about Accessibility at Teachable.

                                                      What if I have a different question?

                                                      Please email and the team will help. Thanks for considering the “Work Less, Earn More” bootcamp to help your agency!