Digital Agency Was Overwhelmed with Incoming Clients

Project Management

The Problem

An Australian social media marketing agency was a victim of its own sales success. The owner of the agency reached out to me when he closed a retainer for $20,000 a month for an entire year…with no one on his team available to fulfill the work.

Three months into the big contract, the client was threatening to fire his agency because he wasn’t getting things done.

What I Did

I dug in and realized that my client was excellent at sales, but not delegating. As a result, he had plenty of work and not enough people to do it. He did have some freelancers here and there, but it wasn’t enough to handle the increased workload from his new retainer client.

That’s where I came in. As his business coach, I helped him source both full-time candidates and contract freelancers. I also shared advice about client relationships to help him preserve his relationship with that large client, even as his agency was struggling to fulfill the work.

Results at the Agency

The owner of the social media agency has built a team that he trusts, and can get things done. He recently opened a new office overlooking the beach. Not only did his large client not fire him, they upsold themselves on expanding their relationship. Now, they’re an even bigger contributor to his bottom line. It’s been a great turnaround from almost being fired by the client!


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February 21, 2017