Agency bizdev, positioning, new services, and work-life balance: Agency Q&A with Karl Sakas

Office Hours Recording from October 10, 2023

Get agency advice on business development, positioning, new services, work-life balance, and more—in the October 2023 episode of Agency Office Hours with Karl Sakas.

  1. Sales Enablement: “How can we strategically leverage our past track record, as we grow?” [starting at 3:39]
  2. Recurring Revenue: “When should we get clients to opt in to help beyond our initial engagement?” [starting at 10:41]
  3. Positioning: “How can inbound agencies stand out in a crowded marketplace?” [starting at 18:35]
  4. Raising Prices: “How can we charge more for our strategy advice?” [starting at 21:38]
  5. Adding New Services: “When we shift to new services, what do we do about our legacy clients?” [starting at 35:06]
  6. Strategic Churn: “How do we decide which clients to keep or fire?” [starting at 42:53]
  7. Delegation: “What team roles should shift as we grow the agency?” [starting at 48:25]
  8. Work-Life Balance: “How can we ‘Work Less/Earn More’ if we personally deliver certain services as the owner?” [starting at 50:24]
  9. Admin Support: “When should we consider hiring an EA or VA?” [starting at 53:33]

Top Resources from the Live Event:

  1. Get clear on the Strategy Tier(s) you want to service
  2. For most agencies, it’s hard to truly stand out without vertical positioning.
  3. Client Rankings Matrix: Free tool to decide which clients to grow… or fire
  4. Strategic Churn: Grow your agency by replacing bad clients
  5. Commit to the right level of day-to-day involvement.

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