Agency lead-gen, bite-size service offerings, and extended leave prep: Agency Q&A with Karl Sakas

Office Hours Recording from September 12, 2023

Get agency advice on lead-gen, generating revenue via bite-size service offerings, preparing to take a sabbatical or other extended leave, and more—in the September 2023 episode of Agency Office Hours with Karl Sakas.

  1. REVENUE GROWTH: “How can we grow revenue beyond referrals from our own network?” [starting at 2:01]
  2. CONTENT MARKETING: “How can we leverage content marketing to get in front of potential clients?” [starting at 7:01]
  3. LEAD-GEN: “How do we find past contacts for reconnecting?” [starting at 11:40]
  4. TAKING EXTENDED LEAVE: “How can we prepare when a team member is out on sabbatical or family leave?” [starting at 18:57]
  5. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: “What’s a good option to offer if prospects don’t want to start with a big retainer?” [starting at 31:23]
  6. PRICING: “What pricing models will help us get strong profit margins?” [starting at 35:05]
  7. SCOPING: “How do we improve how we price and scope work for clients?” [starting at 38:25]

Top Resources from the Live Event: 

  1. Use Inbound Branding to get more great clients 
  2. Worried about going on leave? Do a Stress Test (or two) first! 
  3. How to launch your Paid Discovery (or similar “wedge” offer)
  4. Three ‘Levers’ for Profitable Delivery: Pricing, Scope, and Scope Management 
  5. Agency rules: Be strategically free, never secretly free.  

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