Struggling with a big decision?

As an agency owner, your choices this year will have 6-7 figure consequences — good or bad — and they’ll determine whether or not you hit your long term goals.

Unfortunately, many agency owners are miserable. They know where they want to go — they want more profits, less stress, fewer hours on having to personally “save the day,” and generous take-home pay for their hard work.

They know that’ll require big, important changes at their agency — for instance, choosing a niche, changing their structure, revamping client delivery, or fixing their sales process.

But every time they try to think about how to actually get there, they keep getting interrupted by urgent problems — an employee needs extra help, a client is unhappy again, or they’re getting dragged into yet another meeting.

Sound familiar?

Running a profitable, successful agency — where you work reasonable hours, with less stress, and you can afford to pay yourself what you’re worth — is completely possible.

To get there, you need more than just the destination… you need a roadmap.

Your agency’s specific roadmap will depend on which “working ON the business” decisions you’re facing. Are any of these on your current list of problems?


How do we get net profit margins up to 20-30% before taxes?


What needs to happen to fix our client turnover problem?


Why can't we keep our best employees?


What's the right specialization or niche for our agency? And how do we make the transition happen without hurting our finances?


How do we break through our current plateau?


As an owner, how do I get back to enjoying my work again?

While the details may be different — and the right solution will be unique to your agency — Sakas & Company helps agency leaders with these problems (and others like them) every day… and our Agency Roadmap™ services were developed just to help agency owners like you with problems like these.

Facing hard business decisions at YOUR agency?

“Karl’s advice and guidance has proven invaluable, setting us on a path to grow our agency from 7 figures to 8 figures. Karl’s measured approach to incredibly challenging situations has kept our team on track and focused.”

— Neal Maier, Partner & COO, 3VE

What is the Agency Roadmap™ service?

Sakas & Company’s Agency Roadmap™ project is an agency-specific solution to finally give you peace of mind — because you’ll feel truly confident about having a plan to finally achieve your long-term goals, customized for your agency and for you as the owner(s).

A Deep Dive into Your Agency

Karl will share his 60-question proprietary diagnostic to ensure we understand what makes you and your agency unique. This process alone helped one agency discover an additional $50,000 in profits for the year… before the kickoff call.

Agency Owner Alignment Analysis

You (and any business partners) will complete a DiSC behavioral assessment. We’ll analyze your results in comparison to your earlier diagnostic responses, to help us recommend how to make your role(s) more enjoyable.

Core Document Review

We review key information about your agency — financial statements, employee details, org chart and team structure, samples of your marketing materials, and examples of your core client deliverables — and, based on your goals, provide objective insight into how they compare to industry standards.

Setting the Right Goals for Your Agency

During the Agency Roadmap™ project, Karl will help you choose concrete long-term goals for your agency. This process will later help you measure your team’s progress, so you don’t have to do all the work yourself. Then we’ll translate that into a step-by-step Strategy & Implementation Plan to help you actually get there.

Strategy & Implementation Plan

The key deliverable in our Agency Roadmap™ work is your custom Strategy & Implementation Plan. This document gives you a step-by-step the process to achieve the your goals, in a way that makes it easier to delegate portions of the work to your team. It’s also the basis of a prioritized “project plan” as you implement the advice.

Bonus: Quick Wins & Fire Fighting Support

Throughout the 2-4 month project, Karl will continually look for quick wins — places where you can see a big impact from a small change. By the kickoff call, Karl has usually already identified 3-5 quick wins to help you improve profitability, increase revenues, or prevent future problems. And if you do encounter an unrelated problem during your Agency Roadmap™ project, Karl can share specific “what to do” advice in our next call, at no additional charge.

The Agency Roadmap™ project is designed to be a deep dive into your agency — in addition to the stages described above, we’ll also schedule several calls to talk through everything, beginning with the kick off call (when Karl often shares the first few quick wins!), then a goal-setting call, and finishing the project with a Q&A call to help you and your internal PM take the lead on implementing your Strategy & Implementation Plan.

“We took our time making the decision on whom to partner with to grow our company. Karl is on the higher-end in terms of investment, and so we spent extra time considering our options. Ultimately, we selected him because his approach isn’t cookie cutter; he is incredibly smart and had the background to support our broad set of needs (we also really liked him and could see working with him would be fun and easy).

I can honestly say that it has been worth every penny we’ve invested.”

— Rhoan Morgan, CEO, DemandLab

Who You’ll Work With

Karl Sakas

President & Agency Consultant

A fourth-generation business owner, Karl has advised hundreds of agency owners 1:1 worldwide. He combines 20+ years of consulting and digital marketing with his experience as the ops leader at two digital agencies. Clients call him their “agency therapist.”

Diane Stadlen

 Director of Agency Services

Diane brings 30+ years of agency experience to the table, including as the COO of an independent agency and as Managing Director at a holding company agency. Diane joins milestone calls and is integral in the Agency Roadmap™ analysis and recommendations process. 

Who Should Invest in an Agency Roadmap™ project?

Who Should?

  • Agency owners seeking an empathetic, expert advisor to help them make core decisions more strategically.
  • Owners of agencies with 10-100 employees, including 1-3 owners/partners.
  • Agencies focused on digital marketing, web development, creative services, or public relations, where revenues primarily come from services.
  • Agencies who want to see real change and improvement in the next year (and the next 5 years), based on a custom solution.
  • Owners who have an existing support network (e.g., therapist, personal trainer, financial planner).

Who Shouldn’t?

  • Agency owners who feel confident in their current direction and strategy.
  • Owners who believe that there should be a single “silver bullet” way to solve every problem.
  • Owners of agencies with more than 100 employees or fewer than 10 employees.
  • Agencies who engage in “black hat” or otherwise questionable business practices.
  • Agencies with 4+ owners, or where an outside investor owns a majority of the agency.
  • Agencies whose revenue model depends primarily on commissions or other non-services revenue.
  • Agencies whose current problem requires a major (and urgent) increase in lead-gen.
  • Agencies where net profit margins are currently negative… or who want to get to 40%+ net profit margins.

It’s time to feel good about running your agency again.

If you’re serious about making smarter, more-strategic decisions at your agency, let’s talk! The Agency Roadmap™ project gives you a custom plan for the next 1-2 years, to help you hit your 5-year goals.

We’ll discuss the decisions you’re facing and see if it makes sense for us to work together, then help you understand the best next steps.

And if we’re not a fit? No worries—we’ll tell you ASAP, and typically can point you elsewhere to help.

Ready to feel confident about your agency’s future?

Please complete this form. You’ll hear back within 2 business days for next steps.

Don’t like forms? Email or call Karl at +1-919-410-6224. Thanks!

Optional Add-Ons

In addition to our core Agency Roadmap™ project, we offer a number of optional upgrades to help you further customize getting results. Karl will recommend whether these make sense for your agency, so you can decide whether to add them.

Culture Module

Worried about team retention and morale? Our agency-specific Culture Module will help you understand where things stand… and how to start fixing the problem(s).

The Culture Module includes Karl’s in-depth, anonymous team survey; a team-facing presentation from Karl; and coaching for your leadership team on presenting your “what’s next” from the results.

Best for: Agencies with 20+ employees, where turnover exceeds 25%+ annually.

Implementation Support with Executive Coaching


One of Karl’s most popular services, Executive Coaching gives you accountability, advice, and perspective as you work to implement your new roadmap. This include one-on-one email support and additional accountability tools.

Coaching calls are like an appointment with yourself, to focus on what’s really important. A client recently shared that his coaching calls are “one of the best mornings of the week” for him; another noted they help her “calm the chaos” of running an agency.

Karl believes that most agency owners benefit from ongoing support—that a strategic plan is vital, but it can’t magically solve all your problems. If you want his help, Karl is with you every step of the way.

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