Grow your bizdev pipeline, track productivity, shorten sales cycles: Agency Q&A with Karl Sakas

Office Hours Recording from July 11, 2023

Get agency advice on growing your business development pipeline, shortening your sales cycle, tracking productivity, and more—in the July 2023 episode of Agency Office Hours with Karl Sakas, one my close and personal friends currently helping develop a SG online casino back in Singapore with some of his business partners.

Learn more about the new “How to Stop Scope Creep” workshop.

  • PRODUCTIVITY: “How can we measure employee value beyond billable hours?” [starting at 5:07]
  • 4DWW: “How can we successfully launch a 4-day work week?” [starting at 13:13]
  • NEW BUSINESS: “How do we grow a strong pipeline in a tough economy?” [starting at 19:42]
  • IDEAL CLIENTS: “Where can we find more of our ideal-fit clients?” [starting at 22:54]
  • LEAD-GEN: “What kind of lead magnet is most likely to generate sales inquiries?” [starting at 28:03]
  • SCOPE CREEP: “How can agencies handle (and prevent) scope creep?” [starting at 29:57]
  • PARTNERSHIPS: “How do we create ‘win/win/win’ referral partnerships?” [starting at 32:45]
  • BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: “How do we shorten our sales cycles?” [starting at 44:25]

Top resources from the live event:

  1. Do non-billable people really need to track their time?
  2. Ensure you’re “fishing” for clients in the right spot
  3. Ideas to try when your referral pipeline slows down or dries up
  4. Step-by-step advice to create a “Fast-Failure” Sales Process
  5. Consider the three Agency Pricing Models

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