Tips and best practices for agency leaders

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3 pricing models for agencies

You have three options for pricing models—hourly, milestone, and value-based. Your choice has a big impact on profits, but also most aspects of your day-to-day—including your stress levels as an agency owner. Let’s look at how to pick the right pricing model for your agency.

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Pause to reflect: What’s going great?

It’s easy to focus on what’s going wrong. I challenge you to flip that—take 15 minutes to reflect on what’s going great. See how to switch can improve your future. It starts by doing a simple yet powerful exercise—a three question debrief. Savor and celebrate what went well.

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How to handle a sleazy rival

Every business has competitors. But sometimes it gets personal—they go from competitor to rival. Many of my clients have a competitor who is great at self-promotion but lacks substance. Let’s look at how to deal with this, especially when it’s frustrating so see what they’re up to.

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Mailbag: Should I hire a salesperson?

Agency owners frequently ask me, "Should I hire a salesperson?" The answer is, "It depends." Let's look at the factors involved, to find the right answer for you and your agency. Ask Before You Hire a Salesperson Consider the following 7 questions. My first question...

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