Latest Agency Business Advice from Karl Sakas

Radio interview: Going from reactive Vendor to strategic Partner

I'm doing a live interview this Wednesday---July 29th---on "This Week in Marketing" with host Mihali Stavlas. You can listen online here (click "Studio A") from 12-1pm Eastern (9-10am Pacific, 6-7pm CEST). Mihali will be asking me for my advice on how marketing agencies can switch from being reactive "order-takers" to becoming strategic … [Read More...]

Name change: Agency Firebox is now Sakas & Company

As I shared with clients earlier this week, I've renamed Agency Firebox to become Sakas & Company. There's no change in ownership or personnel, so why the name change? Why I changed the name When I started Agency Firebox, I knew I wanted to help agency owners run better agencies. After brainstorming a number of ideas and collecting … [Read More...]

How to find great freelancers

Having great freelancers on-call can make a huge difference for your agency---they're there when you need them, and not there (and not billing you) when you don't need them. The question is, how do you find great freelancers? I've hired freelancers at agencies and at Agency Firebox, and I advise my clients on recruiting freelancers at their … [Read More...]