Latest Agency Business Advice from Karl Sakas

Sleep better at night: Diversify your revenue and reduce your risk

Are you getting more than 20% of your agency's business from a single client? You've got a Client Concentration problem. You're putting your agency's future at risk: If the huge client fires your agency, you'll likely need to do layoffs---and cut your own pay---to stay in business. You probably over-service the huge client, which … [Read More...]

Better leads and shorter sales cycles: Fix your agency’s homepage fast

Are you dealing with the same sales objections over and over again? Here's a quick way to shorten the sales cycle at your agency, courtesy of data-driven marketing agency Method Savvy: Ensure your homepage addresses your prospects' top 3 questions. Why? The goal is to pre-answer those questions, so you can pre-qualify your leads and focus on … [Read More...]

Interview: Growing your agency’s email list to 10,000+ subscribers

How Andy Crestodina gets consistent agency sales leads via his book, speaking, and dedicated marketing I'm interviewing marketing industry leaders to share their advice and stories. Next up is Andy Crestodina, Co-Founder & Strategic Director at Orbit Media in Chicago. His fast-growing agency regularly ranks in the Inc. 5000. Orbit grew 50% … [Read More...]