Agency Health Check

Our Agency Health Check takes the pulse of your marketing agency.

Is your agency ready to run a marathon… or heading toward a heart attack?

The Agency Health Check is designed to take a hard look at the health of your agency today and evaluate your agency’s current reality objectively against its future goals.

That’s true whether you’re looking to sell your agency for a big payday or build a viable business to provide reliable income until you choose to retire.

The Agency Health Check offers holistic, unbiased feedback based on a through assessment of all your agency’s vital signs—including your business strategy, financial health, team structure, and client base. 

Unlike a traditional consulting project, where you get feedback on a specific area of your business, with this service Karl considers your business and your goals as a whole, and then identifies for you the key obstacles that stand in the way of your success.

You’ll receive a written report with a critical review of each area of your agency, low-hanging fruit and, of course, strategic priorities to help you meet your goals—PLUS three follow up calls one-on-one with Karl to talk through those recommendations and ensure you have the tools to implement his advice successfully and review progress.


“We just completed the Agency Health Check process with Karl and I was completely blown away by all the action items we have taken away. Not only did Karl help pinpoint some weak areas we were already aware of, he also revealed some really critical points that we had no idea we needed to be focusing on. The results of the process are really action-oriented.

It isn’t just a report of all your problems. Instead, Karl provided resources we can now use to address problem areas and make our strong areas even stronger. I can’t recommend this process enough to any agency owner who is ready to take their agency to the next level. Thank you Karl!”


Co-Owner, PixelMark

The Process: How it Works

Like so many things in life, it all starts with a form. This form. Once you fill it out, our team will get in touch to set up a follow up call to make sure this is the best option for your needs. Karl will answer any questions you have about how things work, and talk a little about your business.

Once you and Karl are both convinced this is the right option to ensure your business is on the right track, he’ll send you a client agreement with NDA (because your business is your business) along with the 50% deposit invoice to reserve your spot.

He’ll share the list of materials he’ll need from you and your team and an in-depth business questionaire. You’ll get time to work on those, and after he reviews them you’ll do a follow up call so he can ask any additional questions he needs answered to provide his best advice.

Using a combination of those materials and the information collected during the call, he’ll put together the written report—your agency’s health check—and then schedule your first follow up call to walk through that report together and ensure you understand exactly what you need to tackle to achieve your dreams.

From there, you’ll plan out TWO additional calls: one approximately a month after you receive the report, and the final call a year later, so you can review your overall progress. After all, our goal isn’t to give you another report to read—it’s to give you the information you need to actually improve your agency.

A Review of FOUR Key Areas of Your Business

Business Strategy

Analysis of positioning, scalability of your business systems, and your leadership and management team.

Financial Health

Review of per-capita revenue (AGI/FTE), profit margins, and other finances against industry standards for agencies like yours.


Examination of your current team, roles, and reporting structure, recruiting strategies, compensation and more.

Client base

Inquiry into current pricing strategies and structure, payment terms, and client quality/profiles at your agency.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Cost is based on agency size, with 50% due up front and 50% upon delivery of the final report (approximately 6 weeks later).

The base price for the report is US$9,500 plus an additional US$150/person over 10 team members.

For that price you get both the report, a mid-project Q&A call, and three followup calls—one week, one month, and one year after you receive the report.

Each followup call is approximately 60 minutes and can be used to talk about anything covered in the report or related to implementing Karl’s advice at your agency.

How soon can I get my Agency Health Check?
From start to finish, the report portion takes approximately 6 weeks to complete, depending on data collection turnaround. I currently have a backlog on new client engagements; contact me for the latest timeline.

I only offer a limited number of these each month—so if you’re interested in receiving your Agency Health Check report as soon as possible, contact me now to reserve your spot.

How long will my report be?
As long as it needs to be and no longer. I work hard to keep the report as short as possible, so you can spend time working on the action items in the report, not reading it.
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