Agency positioning, team change management, and client churn benchmarks: Agency Q&A with Karl Sakas

Office Hours Recording from November 14, 2023

Get agency advice on positioning, team change management, bundling coaching as an agency service, client churn benchmarks, and more—in the November 2023 episode of Agency Office Hours with Karl Sakas.

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Click the links below, to “jump” directly to the Q&A video segment:

  1. Client Retention: “What’s the benchmark for client churn rate at a retainer-based agency?” [starting at 1:59]
  2. Client Relationships: “How can we add coaching services to create ‘stickier’ client relationships?” [starting at 6:26]
  3. Account Delegation: “How can an agency owner stop being the day-to-day client contact?” [starting at 12:33]
  4. Creative Services: “Can someone from the Creative team serve as a backup Account Manager? [starting at 20:45]
  5. Leadership Development: “How can we get more off our plate as agency leaders?” [starting at 22:46]
  6. Future-Proofing: “How do we position our agency to stand out in a crowded market?” [starting at 27:15]
  7. Strategy-First: “How can we use Paid Discovery to help clients see our agency as a strategic advisor?” [starting at 34:47]
  8. Vertical Specialization: “How can agencies explore a future niche, without going all-in on a client vertical?” [starting at 39:22]
  9. Change Management: “How do we enhance our team’s agility in adopting new initiatives?” [starting at 44:08]
  10. Management Training: “How can we develop manager-level employees who think like owners?” [starting at 51:54]
  11. Strategy Rollout: “What can we do to improve how our team implements agency-wide changes?” [starting at 53:14]

Top resources from the live event in November 2023:

  1. What’s the benchmark for client retention vs. client churn?
  2. Stop being the day-to-day client contact: How to delegate clients to your team
  3. Don’t frustrate your team with TOO continuous improvement.
  4. Want to get paid to “create a proposal”? Time for Paid Discovery!
  5. Reach your goals faster: Are you a Starter or a Finisher?

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