Economic uncertainty, late clients, billables, and financial projections: Agency Q&A with Karl Sakas

Office Hours Recording from February 14, 2023

Get agency advice on handling economic uncertainty, collecting from late-paying clients, growing your agency-wide billable ratios, improving your financial projections, and more—in the February 2023 episode of Agency Office Hours with Karl Sakas.

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  1. CLIENT RESTART: “When a client suddenly reappears to un-pause a project, how do we ensure they’re really ready?” [starting at 4:20]
  2. SQUIRRELLY CLIENTS: “How can we get a project back on track, when clients become elusive or keep delaying?” [starting at 10:19]
  3. PRE-KICKOFF SURVEY: “Why should we do a pre-kick off survey with new clients?” [starting at 13:40]
  4. FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS: “How can we project cash flow when 토토사이트 추천 client payments aren’t always predictable?” [starting at 20:41]
  5. PRODUCTIZED SERVICES: “Should we ‘productize’ our services?” [starting at 24:34]
  6. COLLECTIONS: “How do we handle clients who are slow to pay?” [starting at 30:35]
  7. READING LIST: See if you’d benefit from my 2023 book: Work Less, Earn More (and submit your questions for our next Agency “Office Hours”) [starting at 34:57]
  8. BILLABLE RATIO: “How can we increase our agency-wide billable ratio?” [starting at 40:28]
  9. ECONOMIC UNCERTAINTY: ”What do clients need from agencies during an economic downturn?” [starting at 48:49]

Top resources from the live event:

  1. Running into content delays? Here are 7 tips to help.
  2. Why to add a Pre-Kickoff Survey… and what questions to ask
  3. Choose the revenue mix you want to pursue, between retainers vs. projects.
  4. It’s time for Paid Discovery!
  5. Is your agency prepared for the next recession?

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