FAQ: Agency Office Hours with Karl Sakas

Thanks for your interest in asking a question at a future live Agency Office Hours Q&A event! If I choose to answer your question, here’s what to expect. –Karl Sakas

  1. How do Office Hours work? Events happen live, the 2nd Tuesday of each month, from 12-1pm Eastern Time (the same time zone as New York City). I’ll answer 3-4 questions, at 10-15 minutes apiece. I choose the questions in advance (to get a good mix), and then answer them live. We’ll also share additional resources in chat. I’ll record the call. I’ll re-use the content elsewhere (and other agency leaders will be in the audience), so don’t share anything you want to become public.
  2. Can I check out past events, to see what it’s like? Yes, go here to see past recordings.
  3. Do I need to attend live? Yes, this is designed to be a live Q&A conversation. To tailor my advice, I have followup questions that don’t work if someone someone submitted a text-only question in advance.
  4. How will you re-use the recording? I publish the recording on YouTube and share links to segments via my email newsletter and via social media. In the future, I may share in other forms—for instance, podcast segments, audio transcripts, etc.
  5. What if I don’t want my question to be public? I understand not everyone wants to share everything… but in that case, consider a private Bite-Size Consulting call instead; they’re confidential (and 45 minutes long, so more time to dig into solutions).
  6. How long will we speak on the call? Most people get 10-15 minutes of free consulting advice, although it sometimes runs longer or shorter.
  7. If there are 3-4 questions, will I know in advance when you’re going to call on me? You’ll likely know the day before the Office Hours session, although the order can change.
  8. Do I need to stay for the whole session, after you answer my question? People usually stick around, but you’re not required to stay. If you know in advance that you need to leave early, give me a heads up and I’ll do my best to schedule you earlier in the call.
  9. What if I don’t want my question to be public? I understand not everyone wants to share everything… but in that case, consider a private Bite-Size Consulting call instead; they’re confidential (and 45 minutes long, so more time to dig into solutions).
  10. Can I keep my camera off? Please turn your camera on as we speak about your question. But you’re welcome to turn it off before and after.
  11. How soon will I know if you’ll answer my question? I start sending confirmations 1-2 weeks before the event, and finalize things a few business days before the Office Hours session. If you haven’t heard from me by the Friday before the Tuesday call, I probably will not be answering your question.
  12. If you don’t pick me, can I submit the question again in the future? Sure!
  13. Do I have to disclose my full name and agency name during the recorded live Zoom session? Nope! I introduce guests by their first name and geographic location. You’re welcome to share more if you like, but that’s not required.
  14. Do I need any special A/V equipment to join? Please try to minimize background noise. Beyond that, your built-in camera and microphone are likely fine.
  15. What’s the tone of the call? Friendly, helpful, and to the point. I’ll share context to help you make better decisions. I also don’t judge people for past decisions; my goal is to help you find solutions for the future.
  16. Who’s answering the questions? Agency consultant Karl Sakas. I’ve worked 1:1 with hundreds of agencies worldwide, on every inhabited continent.
  17. Do other people on the call share advice for me, too? Office Hours isn’t a group discussion. But sometimes other agency leaders share tips and resources in Zoom chat. We have a friendly, helpful group.
  18. Do you answer my question verbatim? When someone asks a hyper-specific question, I sometimes rephrase more broadly for event promos. But during the live Q&A, I will answer your specific question.
  19. How often can I ask a question? I’ve picked people more than once, but usually with at least a few months between the questions.
  20. How do you decide which questions make the cut? My goal is to present a mix of questions from a diverse group of agency leaders. This includes an interesting lineup that’s likely to appeal to the agency owners and leaders who follow the event. Sometimes I decline a question because we’ve recently answered a similar question.
  21. How far in advance do I need to submit my question? I usually finalize the list of questions the Thursday or Friday before the Tuesday call. But the sooner you submit, the more likely you are to get chosen.
  22. Is this really free? Yes, the event is 100% free—for question-askers and for listeners.
  23. Do I end up on some kind of an email list? Yes, Office Hours registrants will receive my twice-a-week newsletter for agency leaders. Several agency owners have described it as the only email they read every time. (You can opt-out any time.)
  24. If I don’t ask a question when I RSVP in advance, can I ask a question later? We occasionally have time to answer an “ad hoc” question at the end of the call, but no guarantees.
  25. What should I do if I have technical issues? Email support@sakasandcompany.com and our producer will do their best to help.
  26. What link should I use to join the Zoom call? Use the link you received (on-screen and via email) when you RSVP’d. If you accepted the Zoom calendar invite, it’ll be there, too. Still can’t find it? Email support@sakasandcompany.com and we can help.
  27. Can we ask you followup questions via email? No, Office Hours are designed to be a standalone event. If you need further help, check out my Bite-Size Consulting calls.
  28. What if I have a different question? Email support@sakasandcompany.com to reach Karl and the team.

I’ve enjoyed helping agency leaders via Office Hours since 2014, and I hope to see you soon! –Karl

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