Growth strategy, finding qualified job candidates, and client delivery: Agency Q&A with Karl Sakas

Office Hours Recording from January 10, 2023

Get agency advice on agency growth strategy, hiring, client delivery roles, and more—in the January 2023 episode of Agency Office Hours with Karl Sakas.

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  1. GROWTH STRATEGY: “How do we decide whether the work is worth it to grow the agency?” [starting at 2:39]
  2. GOAL SETTING: “How can we become more clear about our long-term goals?” [starting at 4:23]
  3. AGENCY STRUCTURE: “What are typical headcounts where we need to change our agency structure?”  [starting at 9:46]
  4. PODS: “How should we think about a ‘pod’ structure at our agency?” [starting at 16:24]
  5. READING LIST: See if you’d benefit from my 2023 book: Work Less, Earn More. [starting at 21:51]
  6. AM/PM: “How should we structure a role that needs to do both Account Management and Project Management?”  [starting at 27:09]
  7. ROLES: “How do we determine the right skill level for a new hire?” [starting at 34:55]
  8. HIRING: “How can we get more highly-qualified applicants for our job postings?”  [starting at 40:12]
  9. TRAINING: “Should we hire a promising candidate if we’ll need to train them first?” [starting at 49:59]

Top resources from the event:

  1. Reach your goals faster: Envision your future by writing an Advance Retrospective
  2. Business strategy: Scale your agency, by changing your team structure
  3. Agency optimization shortcut: Understand the six Agency Roles
  4. How to attract your ideal employees, as a smaller agency
  5. Why your agency’s Employee Onboarding process needs to start earlier

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