Agency culture, prioritization, and efficiency: Agency Office Hours Q&A with Karl Sakas

Office Hours Recording from June 8, 2021

Get agency advice on agency culture, employee retention, time management, and more in the June 2021 episode of Agency Office Hours with Karl Sakas. Click below to “jump” to a specific segment:

  1. AGENCY CULTURE: How do we create a strong culture when our team includes contractors? [starting at 1:57]
  2. HIRING: Should we hire full-time or hire a freelancer? [starting at 11:37]
  3. TIME MANAGEMENT: How can we hire a virtual assistant (VA) for admin help? [starting at 17:08]
  4. PRIORITIZATION: How should agency owners value their own time? [starting at 19:19]
  5. CHANGE MANAGEMENT: When we’re planning a corporate initiative, how can we improve our odds of success? [starting at 23:19]
  6. EMPLOYEE RETENTION: What should we do if employees are getting poached by larger companies? [starting at 28:23]
  7. FREELANCER MANAGEMENT: What’s different about managing part-time contractors? [starting at 35:25]
  8. TRANSITIONS: What should we do if current employees want to become full-time freelancers? [starting at 36:37]
  9. EFFICIENCY: How can we ensure we’re using software to achieve higher productivity? [starting at 39:47]
  10. SOFTWARE: How can we switch to new agency software more smoothly? [starting at 47:24]

Top resources from the live event:

  1. Consider prioritizing Warmth & Competence in your agency culture.
  2. Want to track just one KPI? Start with “Rev/FTE” (aka per-capita billables).
  3. See Karl’s 15 predictions about longer-term impacts around remote work.
  4. If you’re thinking of switching tools, think twice… and then be systematic in your selection process.
  5. Want to turn your strategy into an implementation plan? Here’s Karl’s 10-step process.

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