Agency culture, remote work, succession planning, finances: Agency Office Hours Q&A with Karl Sakas

Office Hours Recording from April 12, 2022

Get agency advice about employee culture, remote work, succession planning, and financial strategies for growth—in the April 2022 episode of Agency Office Hours with Karl Sakas. Click the link below to “jump” directly to the Q&A segment:

  1. AGENCY TYPE: “How are culture, retention, and quality of work affected by the agency format: remote vs. in-person vs. hybrid?” [starting at 5:23]
  2. INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS: “How can remote teams improve how they communicate?” [starting at 12:14]
  3. SUCCESSION PLANNING: “What should owners consider if a team member wants to buy-into the agency?” [starting at 17:47]
  4. OWNER MINDSET: “What’s different about owner mindset vs. employee mindset?” [starting at 20:46]
  5. FINANCIAL STRATEGY: “What finance tips can help agencies like yours grow more successfully?” [starting at 27:05] (via Jon Morris from episode sponsor Ramsay Innovations)
  6. AGENCY RETREATS: “Why is it worth it to gather your remote team for an in-person retreat?” [starting at 37:31]
  7. REMOTE AGENCY CULTURE: “How can we strengthen culture and belonging within a fully remote team?” [starting at 41:30]
  8. MANAGEMENT TRAINING: “What training programs are available to up-level our managers?” [starting at 43:02]
  9. EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION: “How do we create the right incentives to motivate employees?” [starting at 51:07]

BONUS OFFER from our April 2022 episode sponsor: Ramsay Innovations will conduct a free financial assessment of your agency. It includes feedback on an impressive lineup of 10 items (P&L data integrity, Chart of Accounts organization, A/R health, and more).

Top resources from live event:

  1. Ensure your team understands the Values, Goals, and Resources (VGR) to follow.
  2. Remote work at agencies: 15 predictions on longer-term impacts.
  3. Be intentional about sharing equity with employees… and don’t just give it away.
  4. Be a better manager: How to coach every member of your team.
  5. Considering sales commission for non-salespeople? Run the numbers first.

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