Pricing models, VAs, and whitelabeling: Agency Office Hours Q&A with Karl Sakas

Office Hours Recording from March 9, 2021

We discuss pricing models, virtual assistants, SOPs, whitelabeling, and more in the March 2021 episode of Agency Office Hours with Karl Sakas. Click below to “jump” to a specific segment:

  1. PRICING MODELS: How can we change pricing models to charge more? [starting at 1:52]
  2. POSITIONING: How can we reposition as a strategy-first agency? [starting at 4:27]
  3. VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS: What can I delegate to a VA, and do I need more than one? [starting at 11:00]
  4. ACCOUNTABILITY: Why should we share our goals with an accountability partner? [starting at 24:29]
  5. PROCESS: How can we create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) while also running the agency? [starting at 26:47]
  6. WHITELABELING: How can we build our marketing portfolio if past client work is under NDA? [starting at 41:19]
  7. MESSAGING: How do we tell our network about our new positioning? [starting at 49:44]

Top resources from the live event:

  1. Consider the 3 core pricing models (hourly, milestone, and value-based).
  2. Here’s how to think about pricing in general.
  3. What to delegate to a Virtual Assistant (VA).
  4. What to expect from an Executive Assistant (EA).
  5. If you’re considering whitelabeling, beware the risks.

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