Scope creep, owner comp, and sales handoffs: Agency Office Hours Q&A with Karl Sakas

Office Hours Recording from October 12, 2021

Get agency advice on owner compensation, scope creep, sales handoffs, and more in the October 2021 episode of Agency Office Hours with Karl Sakas. Click the link below to “jump” directly to the Q&A segment:

  1. GHOSTING: How do you stop getting ghosted by flakey sales prospects? [starting at 1:48]
  2. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Should you tell prospects the budget in advance? [starting at 9:55]
  3. NO-SHOWS: What if a prospect skips a sales call? [starting at 15:24]
  4. SCOPE CREEP: What client policies can you use to stop scope creep? [starting at 17:51]
  5. LANGUAGE: Why to say a solution is “straightforward”… but never “easy.” [starting at 24:24]
  6. OWNER COMP: How much should you pay yourself as an agency owner? [starting at 25:46]
  7. CLIENT BUDGETS: What should you tell the team about a client’s budget? [starting at 28:51]
  8. SALES HANDOFF: How do you transition smoothly from sales to delivery? [starting at 44:22]
  9. MANAGEMENT: How often should you sit-in on your team’s meetings? [starting at 52:09]

Top resources from the live event:

  1. Here are Karl’s tips to handle Scope Creep at your agency.
  2. Sharing about finances can [sometimes] help you with “Owner vs. Employee” mindset.
  3. Definitely include the PM early, if you need to do custom scoping.
  4. Here’s Karl’s top advice on how to reduce (or even eliminate) ghosting!
  5. Get clear on your ideal prospect… and then use CRUX or BANT to qualify people along the way.

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