Sales proposals, scope creep, SOPs, and client account growth: Agency Q&A with Karl Sakas

Office Hours Recording from January 9, 2024

Get agency advice on new business proposals, scope creep, agency SOPs, client account growth, and more—in the January 2024 episode of Agency Office Hours with Karl Sakas.

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Click the links below, to “jump” directly to the Q&A video segment:

  1. Client Boundaries: “How do we ‘reset’ things after letting a client run wild on scope creep?” [starting at 1:51]
  2. Scope Creep: “Which clients are most at-risk for scope creep?” [starting at 3:10]
  3. Project Management: “How do project managers help you prevent scope creep?” [starting at 9:21]
  4. Sales Proposals: “How can we stop wasting time on new business proposals?” [starting at 14:22]
  5. Management Training: “What are three options to train agency leaders?” [starting at 26:09]
  6. Delivery Documentation: “How much should agencies document in their SOPs?” [starting at 28:29]
  7. Agency SOPs: “Which topics should agencies document first?” [starting at 36:20]
  8. Client Growth: “What should agencies do annually, to improve account retention and upsells?” [starting at 38:52]

Top resources from the January 2024 event:

  1. Get the Layoff Guide for agencies
  2. How to make clients the Hero, with your agency as the Helper
  3. How to stop Scope Creep
  4. How to fire your worst clients
  5. See how your Project Managers can save the day

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