Streamline your sales process, productize your services, and create SOPs: Agency Q&A with Karl Sakas

Office Hours Recording from August 8, 2023

Get agency advice on productizing your services, streamlining your sales process, charging what you’re worth, creating documentation to help your team become more independent, and more—in the August 2023 episode of Agency Office Hours with Karl Sakas.

  1. PRODUCTIZED SERVICES: “How can we productize our services?” [starting at 6:59]
  2. SALES SCORECARDS: “How can we use a free scorecard in our prospect intake process?” [starting at 10:27]
  3. CLIENT DELEGATION: “How do we take client work off the owner’s plate?” [starting at 21:34]
  4. STRATEGISTS: “Can we grow client strategists from within the agency?” [starting at 27:00]
  5. CLIENT RESULTS: “Should we sell the results and not the service?” [starting at 37:07]
  6. VALUE ANCHORING: “What if we can’t directly anchor our pricing against client business results?” [starting at 43:44]
  7. SALES WITHOUT SELLING: “Can we skip the sales process and get new clients to pay via a ‘buy now’ button?” [starting at 46:39]
  8. SOPS: “How should we organize our internal documentation?” [starting at 50:48]
  9. ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT: “How can we ensure each AM delivers the same client experience?” [starting at 52:58]

Top resources from the live event:

  1. Custom vs. Productized services
  2. Stop being the day-to-day client contact: How to delegate clients to your team
  3. Finding the right job title for a new hire
  4. Step-by-step advice to create a “Fast-Failure” Sales Process
  5. How to create an Implementation Plan: Turn your agency’s strategy into reality

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