Do you keep joking about wanting to “clone” yourself as an agency leader?

Do you keep joking about wanting to “clone” yourself as an agency leader?

You can’t grow your agency without completing important work—yet “urgent” tasks keep popping up.

Wish there were a way to focus on your top priorities? I have a new DIY solution for you: the new Time Management Toolkit Mini-Bundle, for too-busy agency leaders.

Get $500 in value… for just $247

Want to finally make real progress at your agency? Get my new Time Management Toolkit Mini-Bundle!

Agency consultant and coach Karl SakasHi, agency consultant Karl Sakas here! Since leading operations at two agencies, I’ve worked one-on-one with owners at ~400 agencies in 36 countries on every inhabited continent.

Over the past decade, I’ve seen where agency leaders struggle… and I’ve found ways to help you get unstuck.

One of the biggest obstacles is time management—finding free time, getting more done in the time available, and taking care of ourselves along the way. Fortunately, you don’t have to start from scratch!

Why I created the Time Management Toolkit Mini-Bundle for Agencies

An agency leader asked me earlier this year if I had any resources to help her clone herself.

  • Bad news: I can’t help you clone yourself.
  • Good news: I’m now offering the next best thing—my new Time Management Toolkit Mini-Bundle for Agencies.

Based on feedback from agency owners and leaders like you, the mini-bundle includes 8 of the 60+ tools in my in-depth Agency Profitability Toolkit™—without you needing to commit US$997 or $97/month.

The tools and articles are about time management, self-care, and goal-setting. The agency-tested tools aren’t new… but the lower-priced mini-bundle is new.

What’s included in the Time Management Toolkit?

What’s included in the Time Management Toolkit? You get 8 agency-specific tools (from among 60+ in the main Agency Profitability Toolkit), plus a curated set of 25 articles (out of nearly 400 on my website).

What are the specific tools? The eight tools are:

  1. Work Less, Earn More: Escape the Daily Grind of Agency Ownership — Read this for advice on reducing your day-to-day involvement as an agency leader (30-page PDF eBook)
  2. Time Bucket Template — Use this to prioritize what to cut, to help you find solutions (Google Sheets)
  3. TOP5 Daily Checklist — Print a fresh copy each day, to help you balance long- and short-term progress
  4. Workbook: “Get It Done: How to Finally Meet Your Goals” — Take action! (4-page mini-workbook)
  5. “Pre-Mortem” Worksheet — Prevent time-consuming problems before they happen
  6. Sample 3-month plan with S.M.A.R.T. goals — See how to “chunk” goals into S.M.A.R.T. goals
  7. Worksheet: End “Analysis Paralysis” — Move forward this week, month, or year (1-page PDF)
  8. Escape Plan: Your Guide to Finally Getting Out of the Office — Step by step advice, to get away! (8-page PDF eBook)

What about results? Who’s this for?

What results should we expect from the Time Management Toolkit Mini-Bundle? Well, the results are up to you and the work you put in—but when my clients have used the tools (and my 1:1 help), they’ve seen results like:

  • Prioritizing where to focus, to help them get their least-favorite work off their plate
  • Staying on task when they’re slammed at work, by balancing short- and long-term progress
  • Reducing their workload from 40+ hours a week to ~20 hours a week (spoiler: expect this to take 12-24 months, and you probably won’t get there solely via this mini-bundle)

Who’s this for? Any agency leader—including owners, executives, directors, and managers—who wants to create more free time at work. You’re realistic that progress takes time. You have a team of employees, freelancers, and advisors to support you.

Who’s this NOT for? If you don’t have anyone to delegate to (employees and/or freelancers), it’ll be hard to create free time. Likewise, it’s not an “agency makeover in a box” solution. That is, the Time Management mini-bundle alone won’t help you cut your hours in half; that requires Executive Coaching, months (if not years) of work, and at least a little luck.

So you’re saying that a $247 info product won’t solve all of my problems in life? That is accurate.


How do we decide between the Time Management Toolkit Mini-Bundle vs. the full-scale Agency Profitability Toolkit™?
  • If you want help with time management, goal-setting, and self-care—get the Time Management Toolkit Mini-Bundle for $247.
  • If you also want help with topics like account management, team management, business development, and more, consider getting the full Agency Profitability Toolkit™—since you get 50+ additional tools on a range of topics, for $997 or $97/month.
Is there a discount code to get free access to the mini-bundle?

Yes! If you’re a current or past client (via Executive Coaching and/or Agency Roadmap), you already have free access to the tools. And if you own my Agency Profitability Toolkit™, you have free access, too. If you’re not sure where to find the free-access info, reply here and I can help.

Is there a payment plan?

No. If it’s a stretch to spend $247, do not buy the Time Management Toolkit Mini-Bundle; read this free article instead.

Do you have other resources to help our agency?

Yes—when you buy the Toolkit Mini-Bundle, you’ll also receive my twice-a-week email newsletter for agency leaders. Several subscribers report it’s one of the only emails they read every time (but you can unsubscribe at any point if it’s not for you).

Do we get any 1:1 advice?

The Toolkit Mini-Bundle itself doesn’t include custom advice—but you can add a $750 consulting call for just $500.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes—you can return the Time Management Toolkit Mini-Bundle within 30 days for a full ($247) refund. Just email me and we’ll process the 100% refund. The add-on consulting call is non-refundable.

Will there be a mini-bundle Toolkit on other topics in the future?

Probably. Future potential topics include Account Management, Team Management, and Business Development.

What about other questions?

Reply here and I’ll answer your questions about the Time Management Toolkit Mini-Bundle.

Agency-specific tools

I’ve designed the eight tools for agency leaders like you, as you get pulled in every direction.

Curated articles

As a bonus, the mini-bundle includes a curated selection of 25 articles to accelerate your results.

Option to add 1:1 help

You can add a consulting call with me (at a pandemic discount) if you need extra help.

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