Time tracking tips, agency business models, SOPs, and employee KPIs: Agency Q&A with Karl Sakas

Office Hours Recording from October 11, 2022

Get agency advice on KPIs, time tracking, business models, and more—in the October 2022 episode of Agency Office Hours with Karl Sakas. Click to jump directly to each Q&A segment in the video, and RSVP for our next event!

  1. CLIENT COUNT:  “How many clients should our agency have?” [starting at 4:31]
  2. OPERATIONS: “How do we make time to document our processes and create SOPs, if we’re busy with client work?” [starting at 5:31]
  3. BUSINESS MODEL: “Should our agency focus on selling ‘high ticket’ productized services, using an automated marketing funnel?” [starting at 15:32]
  4. PRODUCTIZED SERVICES: “How do we decide whether to offer custom vs. productized services?” [starting at 19:56]
  5. WORK/LIFE BALANCE: “How can agency owners find better work/life balance?” [starting at 24:00] (via my annual “Work Less, Earn More” agency growth bootcamp)
  6. KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS: “How should we set individual KPIs for each team member?” [starting at 28:30]
  7. TIME TRACKING: “How do we ensure we hit our growth goals, without tracking every second of our time?” [starting at 39:56]
  8. PROFITABLE DELIVERY: “What are the three main ‘levers’ for profitable delivery?” [starting at 41:10]
  9. SCOPE MANAGEMENT: “What is the difference between ‘secretly free’ and ‘strategically free’ work?” [starting at 48:23]
  10. NON-BILLABLE TIME: “Do we really need to track non-billable time?” [starting at 50:00]

Top resources from the event:

  1. Planning takes planning… and faster growth = starting planning earlier than ever before
  2. Custom vs. Productized services
  3. Want to improve your work/life balance, while paying yourself more? Learn more about the 90-day “Work Less, Earn More” agency growth bootcamp.
  4. Understand the six Agency Roles (AM, PM, SME, Client Strategy, BizDev, and Support)
  5. Do non-billable people really need to track their time? Yes and no.

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