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Roundup: Agency client service advice

You can’t have an agency without clients—and life’s too short to work with clients you don’t like. So what do you do when client relationships aren’t as great as you’d like? I’ve made plenty of mistakes—I’d rather you avoid those mistakes! Here’s my advice to make better decisions.

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You are your agency’s dictator

Like it or not, you are the “dictator” of your business. Yes, you depend on clients, employees, vendors, and the government. But as long as you aren’t doing anything illegal, you can do effectively whatever you want in your business—as a business owner, what you say, goes. Let’s look at the implications of your being your agency’s dictator.

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3 pricing models for agencies

You have three options for pricing models—hourly, milestone, and value-based. Your choice has a big impact on profits, but also most aspects of your day-to-day—including your stress levels as an agency owner. Let’s look at how to pick the right pricing model for your agency.

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