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Want to maximize attendance and get attendees talking at your marketing conference or association meeting? Hire me—author, international speaker, and agency expert Karl Sakas—to speak at your event. My specialty is helping agency leaders take control of their business, by eliminating growing pains and making agencies more profitable.

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I have several popular talks. From my past experience as an event organizer, I’ll work with you to customize a talk that’s perfect for your audience.

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Get a preview of my upcoming talks in the U.S. and abroad.

“Karl delivered a fantastic presentation to our American Marketing Association (AMA) chapter in Virginia Beach, VA. Throughout the presentation I looked around the room and saw almost every attendee nodding his or her head… I would recommend Karl’s presentation, “Don’t Make the Logo Bigger!” to any organization or corporation; you will walk away with actionable items that will not break your budget!”


President, Hampton Roads AMA

Haven’t seen me speak before? Check out the video below.

I consistently get 95-100% audience satisfaction ratings, and organizers love that I’m easy to work with. It helps that I’ve previously organized 60+ events, including a two-day conference with speakers like Ann Handley and Jay Baer.

“Karl Sakas captivated the audience with an excellent presentation filled with practical advice. His “Don’t Just Make the Logo Bigger!” client service talk drew our second-highest attendance in the past year, second only to Mad Women author Jane Maas. Karl was easy to work with, and the keynote content appealed to everyone in the audience, including people from agencies, corporate marketing departments, media, and education.”


President, AAF Roanoke

I speak 35 times a year to audiences at marketing conferences, association meetings, and universities. Past events include AAF, AIGA, AMA, BOLO, Bureau of Digital, INBOUND, PRSA Counselors Academy, The SoDA Academy, and more. As a down-to-business speaker, I’m on a mission to help marketers make work more fun… and more profitable! My most popular talks include:

Don't Just "Make the Logo Bigger": How to Satisfy Your Most-Demanding Clients

What if every client respected your advice and happily paid on time? Agency consultant Karl Sakas from Sakas & Company will share how you can get the best results, whether you work with external or internal clients. His engaging talk includes Q&A to answer your top questions, so you can start making your life easier immediately. Karl’s advice is based on working with hundreds of clients over the past 20 years.

Warmth & Competence: Magic Words to Grow Your Business

Once you invest in marketing and sales to get customers, how do you keep them? According to Bain & Company, increasing customer retention by just 5% can boost your profits 25-85%. Successful, profitable retention comes down to a simple yet powerful concept: “Warmth & Competence.” You magnetically retain customers, by giving your team a framework for making better short- and long-term decisions. This comes from The HUMAN Brand, by CMO Chris Malone and Princeton psychologist Susan Fiske. Warmth & Competence has worked at companies across the world, and it can work for you, too!

Scale to Win: How to Grow Your Agency Without Breaking

Wish you could grow your digital agency without the usual growing pains? Get advice to make smarter decisions, including team structure, services, and time management, and a key question to answer first. Agency consultant Karl Sakas will share advice based on helping agencies in 27 countries. Karl’s interactive talk includes Q&A to help you overcome current challenges, so you can start seeing results as soon as you get back to work.

Other topics I speak on include business operations, positioning, marketing, client service, project management, finance, HR, recruiting, and team management. Here’s my Speaker Kit.

“Karl was a great speaker for AIGA’s program, ‘Taking Care of Business: Procedures, Paperwork & Project Management.’ Not only is Karl a great speaker, but he has tons of experience and insights from his multitudes of clients throughout his career. His presentation left no question unanswered, and he didn’t hesitate to provide extra resources to attendees. [Our] programming would not have been as informative or helpful without Karl’s presentation.”


Organizer, AIGA Raleigh

Upcoming Events

I’m speaking at these events. Use the links below to register online.

Raleigh PR Society logo via TwitterMay 24 — Raleigh PR Society

HubSpot logoJune 13 — Webinar: Become a Better Manager in 30 Days

Speaking at Content Marketing World 2018Sep. 6 — Content Marketing World 2018

  • Agency Track breakout at CMW: September 6th in Cleveland, OH
  • Register online (save $100 with code “SPKR100”)

AAF logoApr. 25, 2019 — Workshop at AAF NCI

“Karl is truly engaging. I loved the interactive pieces, and his content left me with real takeaways that I could immediately implement.


President-Elect, AMA Omaha

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