TIMA Q&A: My recent interview on the latest digital marketing agency trends

Written by: Karl Sakas

What’s the biggest mistake I see digital marketing agency owners making? What are my favorite new business tools? Where do I see marketing going over the next five to 10 years?

For answers, see my interview with Kelly Johnson from the Triangle Interactive Marketing Association (TIMA).

Kelly asked me about Sakas & Company, my work helping agency owners, and digital marketing agency trends.

Here are some key points I shared during the interview:

What attracted you to marketing? “I love the challenge of figuring out the right approach to persuading people to take the action you want them to take. And marketers tend to be fun, interesting, creative people.”

How is the increasing focus on digital and more specifically, mobile, changing your approach? “I’ve been doing digital marketing since 1997 so digital isn’t new to me. My clients (marketing agencies that get at least 50 percent of their revenues from digital marketing) are getting more and more requests for mobile-optimized work, whether that’s websites with responsive design or marketing automation campaigns that a busy customer can easily consume on an iPhone.”

What is the biggest mistake you see marketers make? “Jumping from one-off to one-off, instead of creating systems to get marketing results on a consistent (or at least repeated) basis.”

For more on digital marketing agency trends—including some of my favorite business tools and where I see marketing going in the next decade—read the original article at the TIMA website.

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