Interview on the business side of agencies, in the Digital Agency Resource podcast

How to be a better podcast guest
Written by: Karl Sakas

karl-sakas_headshot-suit_1000x1000Note: The audio interview is no longer online.

Andrew Fang recently interviewed me about the business side of agencies for his Digital Agency Resource podcast.

During the hour-long interview, I shared about these topics and more:

  • The 3 key common traits of successful agency owners
  • How to manage your client’s expectations from the start
  • 3 industry-wide trends you should know about
  • How you can prioritize the most important projects and stop burning yourself out with low-value tasks

Listen to the interview at the Digital Agency Resource site (UPDATE: no longer online)

I enjoyed speaking with Andrew—check it out and let me know what you think.

Question: What’s your favorite takeaway from the interview?

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