How many marketing agency owners does it take to change a light bulb?

Written by: Karl Sakas

Question: How many digital marketing agency owners does it take to change a light bulb?

Answer: ZERO, because they delegated lightbulb-changing to their team.

Delegation makes your job easier

All jokes aside, you’ll be happier, have more free time, and be less stressed-out as soon as you start doing a better job delegating things as the owner of a marketing agency.

Getting started is tough, since you’re breaking old habits and creating new ones—but delegating becomes easier pretty fast, and you’ll enjoy going to work more as get rid of things you don’t like doing.

And if you’re delegating already? Terrific. But I bet there’s even more you can delegate. Sometimes you need an outside perspective to figure out what’s next.

How to get started with delegation

Here’s a quick link to all my articles on how to become a better delegator. It’s especially important to have a system to ensure people do the things you delegate to them, and to have a way to ensure everyone has what they need so they don’t have to keep asking you for help.

If you decide you want hands-on guidance in figuring out how to delegate better, consider my business coaching for marketing agency owners—I spend a lot of time helping clients become better delegators. Imagine not being so stressed out all the time. It just might change your life.

Note: If a non-metaphorical light bulb is burned out in your office and you have the free time—by all means, please change it yourself.

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