Recruiting, profit margins, and client satisfaction: Agency Office Hours Q&A with Karl Sakas

Office Hours Recording from December 14, 2021

Get agency advice on business development, scaling, profitability, and more in the December 2021 episode of Agency Office Hours with Karl Sakas. Click the link below to “jump” directly to the Q&A segment:

  1. PROFIT MARGINS: What’s a “normal” benchmark for agency net profit margins? [starting at 3:01]
  2. REMOTE AGENCIES: What are typical expenses at fully-remote agencies? [starting at 5:48]
  3. RECRUITING: Where do you find full-time Account Managers who really “get” your agency and your clients? [starting at 13:58]
  4. EMPLOYEE ONBOARDING: What’s the secret to helping new hires succeed from Day 1? [starting at 19:14]
  5. WORKLOAD: What is a “normal” weekly workload for an agency owner? [starting at 22:03]
  6. TECHNICAL RECRUITING: How do you find developers who want to work full-time? [starting at 33:42]
  7. JOB POSTINGS: How do you ensure your job postings attract great candidates? [starting 34:43]
  8. CLIENT EXECUTIVE TURNOVER: What should you automatically expect when your client contact changes? [starting at 40:43]
  9. CLIENT RETENTION: How do you handle a client who wants to end their contract early? [starting at 40:01]
  10. KILL FEE: Why should agencies consider adopting an early-termination fee, and how much should you charge? [starting at 46:35]
  11. CLIENT SATISFACTION: What should you do when you have an unhappy client? [starting at 48:34]

Top resources from the live event:

  1. Be sure to answer three “magic” recruiting questions about each job candidate.
  2. Use Karl’s “Agency Value Chain” to find profit leaks at your agency.
  3. Your AMs need to be expert at running meetings… including the followups afterwards.
  4. Do a proactive “inventory” of your clients, to see which are at risk… and which might benefit from an upsell.
  5. Supporting new employees at your agency.

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