Outsource your lead-gen, optimize agency team structure, and grow MRR: Agency Q&A with Karl Sakas

Office Hours Recording from May 14, 2024

Get agency advice on outsourcing your lead-gen, optimizing your team structure, and grow your recurring revenue—in the May 2024 episode of Agency Office Hours with Karl Sakas. To “jump” to a specific Q&A segment, click the timecode links below.

First, I spoke with agency founder Gabriel Marguglio from Nextiny Marketing—my co-presenter in July—on whether agencies can successfully outsource their cold-sales outreach. He shared some hard-earned lessons:

  • Outsourcing Cold Outreach: “How can agencies hire a cold-outreach firm for lead-gen, without getting burned?” [starting at 2:25]
  • Buyer Beware: “What ‘gimmicks’ do cold-outreach agencies use to land agencies as clients?” [starting at 5:38]
  • Ideal Client Profile: “How will defining our ICP jumpstart our sales, regardless of who does the outreach?” [starting at 8:14]
  • Lead-Gen Commitment: “How long should we expect to commit to an outsourced lead-gen contract?” [starting at 11:40]
  • Brand Reputation: “How did leads react to receiving cold outreach emails?” [starting at 15:42]
  • Lead-Gen: “How can we be pickier about which clients we help?” [starting at 28:11] // via the Lead-Gen workshop in July

Next up, I answered agency CEO questions—including Chris in Virginia and Ryan in Alberta:

  • Agency Structure: “How can we optimize a hybrid Pod team structure?” [starting at 33:18]
  • Team Leaders: “How do we develop current employees to become leaders?” [starting at 35:45]
  • Recurring Revenue: “How can we increase our monthly recurring revenue (MRR)?” [starting at 48:06]

Top resources from the May 2024 live event:

  1. Pick the right agency Team Structure: 5 options to scale
  2. Not doing that thing? You need Desire, Competence, and Capacity.
  3. The six Agency Roles (and their billable targets)
  4. Reach your goals faster: Are you a Starter or a Finisher?
  5. Custom vs. Productized services: Pros & Cons for agencies

Lead-Gen Workshop: When you have more (and better) leads, you can afford to be picky about your clients. For tips and accountability, come to my “Diversify Your Agency’s Lead-Gen Strategy” workshop with Gabriel Marguglio in July. But don’t delay: Buy your ticket by May 31st, to automatically save $300.

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