Owner compensation, hiring a COO, scaling your recruiting pipeline: Agency Q&A with Karl Sakas

Office Hours Recording from July 12, 2022

Get agency advice about owner compensation, hiring a #2, scaling your recruiting pipeline, and more, in the July 2022 episode of Agency Office Hours with Karl Sakas. Click the links below to “jump” directly to a Q&A segment:

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1. OWNER COMP: “How much should an agency owner pay themselves?” [starting 2:33]
2. RECRUITING PIPELINE: “How can we attract high quality candidates to fill our open positions?” [starting at 10:41]
3. HIRING: “How can we stop wasting time on poor-fit job candidates?” [starting at 16:29]
4. LEADERSHIP: “How can external feedback help us up-level our leadership skills?” [starting at 23:39] (via episode sponsor Agency Leadership Intensive)
5. HIRING A #2: “What should we include in our new COO’s 30/60/90-day plan?” [starting at 29:40]
6. EMPLOYEE ONBOARDING: “What are the benefits of creating a new-hire ramp-up plan?” [starting at 36:15]
7. STAFFING: “How can we hire ahead of client demand, without destroying our profit margins? [starting at 40:39]

Top resources from live event:

1. See how much should you pay yourself as an agency owner
2. Small agency recruiting: Attract your ideal employees
3. Agency hiring tips: Ask these3 “magic” recruiting questions… or regret it later
4. Agency COO job description: What should your #2 actually DO
5. Another new employee isn’t working out? Create a new-hire ramp-up plan

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