DIY Store for Digital Agencies

Want affordable business advice on how to improve your digital marketing agency? As a business consultant to agencies worldwide, I’ve developed these products to make life easier for agency owners and employees.

> Agency Profitability Toolkit

Agency Profitability Toolkit

Wish there were a DIY solution to help you boost profit margins and reduce your stress?

Stop reinventing the wheel! Use the 50+ templates, tools, and other resources in our Toolkit to finally get unstuck!

> Project management (PM) video training

P.M. 101 for Digital Agencies

Want better results at your digital marketing agency? This introductory video training on PM for agency owners and project managers will help!

> Sales training for digital agencies

Selling Digital Services

Want ideas to help you close deals faster, get more upsells, and keep everyone happy? This video training on sales for agency leaders will help!

> Books by Karl Sakas

Made to Lead: A Pocket Guide to Managing Marketing & Creative Teams

By Karl Sakas (2016)

Managing people is tough, but it doesn’t have to be so hard! Leading and managing comes more easily to some than others, but anyone can improve—agency leaders are made, not born. In this book, you’ll learn concrete tips to make your work easier when you lead marketing and creative teams.

The In-Demand Marketing Agency: How to Use Public Speaking to Become an Agency of Choice

By Karl Sakas (2015)

Want great clients coming to you at your marketing agency, instead of having to chase after them? This book is for you!

When you share useful advice from on-stage, the audience sees you as a helpful, authoritative marketing expert—not as a salesperson.

In this book, you’ll learn where to find places to speak, how to create a talk that audiences will love, what you can do to stand out from other speakers, how to improve your chances of getting follow-on business, and more.

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