Name change: Agency Firebox is now Sakas & Company

Name change: Agency Firebox is now Sakas & Company
Written by: Karl Sakas

Agency Firebox is now Sakas & Company

As I shared with clients earlier this week, I’ve renamed Agency Firebox to become Sakas & Company.

There’s no change in ownership or personnel, so why the name change?

Why I changed the name

When I started Agency Firebox, I knew I wanted to help agency owners run better agencies. After brainstorming a number of ideas and collecting feedback, “Agency Firebox” won out.

But over the last two years I’ve realized there are a few problems with the name. For example, people often think I am an agency, rather than realizing I’m a consultant and coach for agencies. And in our industry, many people remember MY name (“say-kiss”) instead of the company name.

Earlier this year, I began reviewing the Agency Firebox brand looking for ways to strengthen it—when I received an unexpected overnight FedEx envelope. A law firm claimed that the business name “Agency Firebox” infringed on another company’s “firebox” trademark.

After some serious thinking (and conversations with my lawyer), I decided that rebranding as Sakas & Company would be the best approach. It would recognize the name recognition I’ve earned within our industry, while conveying that when you hire my company, you’re hiring me—I work directly with each and every one of my clients. And it resolves the trademark question.

How does the name change affect you?

  1. You’ll see my logos, website, email address, and other details change over.
  2. If you’re a current client, you’ll start getting invoices with the new logo. If you pay via PayPal, I’ll share the updated payment email address.
  3. You can already start emailing me at

Yet at its core, my business remains the same: helping agencies like yours grow without the usual growing pains.

Thank you

Thanks to everyone who’s helped me on the transition, and thanks for your support! It’s been a pleasure helping you so far and I look forward to continuing to work together in the future.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the transition—I’m here to help!



Karl Sakas
President & Business Consultant, Sakas & Company
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