Agency exit strategy, unlimited PTO, raising prices, profitability: Agency Q&A with Karl Sakas

Office Hours Recording from December 13, 2022

Get agency advice on exit strategy, pricing, profitability, unlimited PTO, and more—in the December 2022 episode of Agency Office Hours with Karl Sakas.

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  1. PROFIT MARGINS: “What is considered a healthy net margin range for our agency?” [starting at 3:07]
  2. OWNER COMP: “What is considered a typical salary for an agency owner?” [starting at 6:42]
  3. DELIVERY PROFITABILITY: “How can we create a ‘feedback loop’ to ensure we deliver work profitably?” [starting at 13:30]
  4. ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE: “How should we bill our clients to ensure we get paid on time?” [starting at 16:26]
  5. CONTRACTOR MARKUP: “How should we bill clients for the use of our contractors?” [starting at 20:37]
  6. RAISING PRICES: “How should we approach raising prices at our agency?” [starting at 23:59]
  7. BETTER ESTIMATES: “How can we improve our project and retainer estimates?” [starting at 26:13]
  8. EMPLOYEE BENEFITS: “Should agencies offer unlimited PTO?” [starting at 39:09]
  9. EXIT STRATEGY: “How can we make the agency attractive to a potential buyer?” [starting at 47:42]

Top Resources from Live Event: 

  1. Want better profit margins? Stop selling against yourself!
  2. Use the Work Breakout (WBO) to check if work is profitable 
  3. If people are away… be sure you’re clear on who’s covering for them; an ARCI Matrix can help! 
  4. Map your process to your pricing model (hourly, milestone, or value-based)
  5. Want to get acquired? Start with a “Dream 100” acquirer list!

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