Ultimate list of sales proposal software tools for agencies

Ultimate list of sales proposal software tools for agencies
Written by: Karl Sakas

People often ask me to recommend the best sales proposal software for their agency. I’ve put together a list of sales proposal tools, with a short description of each.

The best tool for your agency will depend on your unique needs. Remember, using a Google Doc template is better than making up your proposals every time.

Each of the sales proposal tools below has pros and cons. Their being on the list isn’t an explicit recommendation—you’ll need to decide what’s best for you.

Got a favorite tool to add to the list? Let me know! [Latest update: March 2021]

21 sales proposal tools for agencies

1) Better Proposals – Use pre-written templates or upload your own, design and layout is handled so all you have to do is write, has a built-in signature tool, and alerts you when it’s time for a follow-up.

2) BidSketch – Proposal software that allows you to mix and match content, fees, and designs. Supports electronic signatures and sends notifications when a proposal is viewed. Reusable content, optional fees, automate with approval messages, and more than 500 web app integrations.

3) Expedience Software – Create timely RFPs with a style palette, content portfolio, and automation tools.

4) Fulfilli – Automated quoting and templates.

5) iQuote Xpress – Automate proposals and quotes, and select items from a customized e-catalog. Personalized forms, discount function, and built-in approval system.

6) Loopio – Automate responses to RFPs (request for proposals), RFIs (requests for information), and security questionnaires. Build your library and review your content to keep everything updated.

7) NiftyQuoter – Create proposals and quotes quickly from templates, has optional items, translate into different languages for multi-lingual clients, automatic PDF generator, and have multiple users in one account.

8) Nusii – Has professional proposal templates, a notification system, proposal tracking, and online signing.

9) Octiv – Generate presentations, quotes, proposals and contracts. Lock editing for certain sections, pages, or paragraphs. View your document activity, streamline the creation and distribution of complex sales assets, use real-time analytics to gain insight into customer behavior, and integrate with other software.

10) Osmosis – Custom branding on your proposals, easy templates, online signatures, and activity stream.

11) PandaDoc – Auto-merge CRM data with proposal templates, track click engagement, and get electronic signatures.

12) Practice Ignition – Proposals, client engagement, and payments for professional services firms. Includes processes to streamline your client onboarding.

13) Proposa – Proposal software spun-off from an agency, positioned as an alternative to PowerPoint.

14) Proposable – All-in-one cloud proposal software for smart, efficient sales proposals. Handle proposal creation, delivery, and closing with a drag-and-drop builder, content library, flexible estimates, proposal analytics, electronic signatures, and sales pipeline reporting.

15) Proposify – Keep all your proposals in one place on the cloud. Has templates for marketing, development, design, and more. Has online signatures, drag and drop library sections, team collaboration, and software integrations.

16) Proposal Software – Proposal management and production system. Increase professional branding, collaboration, and content management.

17) Quote Roller – CPQ (configure, price, quote), proposal, and contract management software. Automate documents, employ dynamic quoting, and get electronic signatures. Integrates with Salesforce, Harvest, Zoho and other software. Utilizes PandaDoc’s document analysis.

18) Qwilr – Send interactive and mobile-responsive webpages as quotes and proposals. Webpages can plug into your systems and are easy to build and reuse.

19) ReportGarden – Manage clients, campaigns and reporting on a single platform.

20) rfpio – Automate your RFP response process, with real-time project management and alerts.

21) Sofon Guided Solutions – Calculate, configure and create quotations, contracts, and other sales documents in multiple languages.

Related tools (to use along with your sales proposal tools)

23) Document Analyzer – Understand legal and technical RFP documents quickly. This tool will identify keywords for you to compile into a compliance matrix, to ensure you’ve meet your clients’ needs requirements. Keyword libraries, quality check, document comparisons, summaries, and results analysis.

24) DocuSign – Send, sign, and approve documents wherever you are.

25) Google Docs – Write, edit, and share documents online. Create proposal templates in Google Docs so you and your team can access, comment, and edit them from anywhere. I do my single-page proposals in Google Docs.

26) InDesign – Adobe InDesign has multiple business proposal templates that you can use to craft your sales proposals.

27) Microsoft Word – Create Word documents with your sales proposal templates and edit whenever you need to send one out. Helpful if MS Office is already your primary office productivity tool.

28) Pages – Apple’s word processor lets you to create highly designed documents that you can share with others for peer-editing. Helpful if Pages is already your primary writing tool.

Selection process: Finding the best sales proposal software for your agency

Remember that “good enough” is best—no software will meet all your requirements.

After you’ve found your “good enough” tool, commit to it fully. Don’t give up if it doesn’t meet all your expectations—remember, this is better than not using any tool at all.

Tools support good processes. Don’t count on software alone to solve your underlying problems!

Question: What do you like and not like about the sales proposal software at your agency?

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