Pause to reflect: What’s going great?

Pause to reflect: What's going great?
Written by: Karl Sakas

It’s easy to focus on what’s going wrong. I challenge you to flip that—take 15 minutes to reflect on what’s going great.

You don’t have many chances to “pause” your agency to reflect—take a few minutes now to make that list.

I bet it’s a lot more than you might think. Ask team members for ideas, too—the list might be several pages long.

You should do this because it’ll help you get through difficult times—you need the perspective.

Do a Debrief

Did you write an Advance Retrospective about where you’d be at this point? Now’s the time to compare goals to reality.

Either way, you can do a debrief on the past month, quarter, or year. As I shared about doing project debriefs, you’re asking only 3 simple questions:

  1. What worked?
  2. What didn’t work?
  3. What will I do differently next time?

Don’t skip over that first question—celebrate what worked!

Celebrating with My Clients

From my coaching and consulting work, here are some of my clients’ celebrations from the past 12 months:

Question: What’s on your celebration list?

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